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Two million views in 2 days - What about the steel orchestra?

This Ohio State marching Band video of "Michael Jackson Tribute" generated well over two million views in 2 days. There are many, many similarities between the marching bands (church drum and bugle corp) and the steelbands of the last century. From Earth Wind and Fire to many of the great calypsonians and arrangers -  the drum and bugle corp was (and still is) the only way generations of poor black people had free access to music instruments. The marching bands run deep in black music and dance traditions.

Can a steel orchestras generate such interest in the near future?

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I merely wished to impart that:

1) PAN (the steel drum) has been employed by OTHERS to achieve huge, spontaneous audience responses, great videos and associated latent "hits".

2) The ability to produce an improved performance and video, both SONICALLY and

VISUALLY with AUTHENTIC Trinidad icons, symbols and other background features exists right there IN TRINIDAD. So just do it.

3) To further echo the GHOST: "Art promotes the video".


Terry: You are WRONG on "2)"!!! That advancement could only come from the EXPAT music community in North America!!!

BTW can someone please forward this "Renegades" video of this concert in Paris to one Jacobs Edgar


Ha, Ha, Ha. No need to, Salah. He now stays tuned in to WST's PAN forums.

There are some great video presentation techniques being used. Defense was a massive production, rivalling Panorama.  What if Panorama was filmed using some of the techniques used there?  And some nice work in We Kinda Music too... they were nice to WATCH and HEAR.

I'm not really figuring out how us little independent musicians can make better YouTube videos from this.  I wish some film makers would wade in.

For those asking about the marching 'steelband', take a look at these:




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