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United States Steel Band Association Inc. (USSA) Election 2013.

We announce the results of USSA Election 2013, Officers and Board of Directors, held Sunday January 13th, 2013 @ 1169 Nostrand Ave. Officiated by Joanelle Donald & Danielle Edinboro.


Keith Marcelle : Chairperson

Martin Douglas : Vice-Chairperson

Claudette Baptiste : Secretary

Matthew Bascombe : Treasurer

Kamau Hutchinson : Director

Travis Roberts : Director

Magnus Scanterbury : Director

Mervyn (Mauby) Rudder : Director

Anthony Joseph : Director


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Good luck to all.

Let us know what the elected ones intends to do for Pan in the US. I know one elected officer who do not take care of his players how can this movement be effective

We need to see more from these people they does the same thing over and over no improvement it's being years and they still don't have a websites???

I thank all for their responses.

Now here are some things I will like eveyone to understand. There were alot things that have been done, maybe not enough, but things were accomplished. At this present time we are extending an invitation to everyone to become a member of USSA. We have amended our by-laws to accept membership from individulas, who don't play pan our have never played pan before, all we ask of you is that you intend to work for pan and panist.     Another thing:

  •  We are  not focused on panorama, that is one day of the year in the life of pan, we are more concerned with the other 364 days and thing like bands finding perminant homes.( panorama will always be a part of pan, but not all there is about pan)
  •  Developing some sort of pension plan for the elders of pan.
  •  A home for the organization.
  •  A performing arts center to showcase the talent we have.
  •  A pan factory/academy creating jobs and ensuring the knowledge of building the instrument is sustained.
  • More pan programs in the schools.
  •  Obtain funding from the city for bands, so they never have to hold jamborees or launchs for funds to function.
  • Do what is needed to involve the business communities'  investment in the instrument
  • Also and this is a big one. Get everyone to understand  and accept that we reside in New York, USA not in Trinidad or the Caribbean, so what we do here for pan and with pan, must be suited for New York. We will not forget where it came from. I promise you that.

Now these are some of the things we will like to accomplish, if you are interested in helping to make them a reality, call me for registration forms (347) 522-4010.

I take this opportunity to thank you in advance for your interest and the assistance you will provide.


Keith Marcelle


Who nominated these people? Who voted for these people? Why was not tne general pan community notified before the results were in? The only name I see representing the pan community is Mr Keith Marcelle & Mr Anthony Joseph. I may no some of the others by face alone but that's not the point. What happen to Mr Lennox Leverock who use to be on the board?

Suppose I would like to be a board member, What are my options? AkA: Curly. Aka: Tahzann>


Hi Mr. Munroe. Are you by any chance related to Winston (Cuttie) Munroe? To answer your question, and they are valid ones, USSA has eleven bands in it's membership, Pantonic, Crossfire, Women in Steel, New York Pan Stars, New York Metro Steel, Oasis Youth Steel Orch. (New Jersey), CASYM, Despers USA, Ujamaa Pan Sound Sesame Flyers and Pan Ambassadors. For the election each band submitted a delegate to run for a seat on the Board of Directors, our Board has nine seats those nine people were elected from them, then four Officers were elected from the nine. As I stated our membership is open to individuals with no affiliation to bands and they would be eligible to run for Board seats. Our next election will be January 13th, 2016, you or anyone else can join now work for the organization gain respect, a reputatiion and confidence from the membership. This is my last term I will not be seeking another term, I am hoping the organization can grow enough so we have lots more to choose from, another thing I want to make clear to everyone, having not played a pan in your life does not exclude you from seeking membership our even being elected Chairperson, USSA has to move past those stereotypes ( You have to had played pan or come from pan to hold positions on a steel band association) we need lots of different people, from all walks of life with different life experences. We must develop a very consistent bussiness approach, apply that knowledge and wisdom so it can benefit steelbands. My hope is, what we will accomplish can eventually benefit all steelbands in the NY/NJ area, even those that are not members.

Good day Mr. MarcelleI

Is there any chance of a New York band taking part in Trinidad's panorama in 2014? And what are your thoughts on an international panorama? Could this be an undertaking that the New Yorkers could someday host?



Hi Mr. Bugs

Anything is possible, it would mean planning from now, seek funding and that is the biggest hurdle.

  1. Who do we seek the funding from? New york caribbean organizations or business who may have the funds to do such a project don't support pan, and any US business would have to have an ensentive we may not be able to offer for them to get involved, by that I mean they would have to want their product or company get the exposure we can offer, it is worth investigating.
  2. It would have a heffty price tag.( pans, tuner, housing & transportation for personel and instruments, rental of racks while in Trinidad, space to practice and another very important thing, getting the players who can travel and the time off from their school and work. There may be other cost that don't come to mind at this time.

An international panorama is a very good idea, again as far as New York area production we will need all the things I stated that would be needed for the  New York band to go to Trinidad and much, much much more.

One of the things we must do is involve the American public, once they are interested in a project the funding will follow.

What is also needed is a panel of individuals ( with different areas of expertise) sitting together, leaving their egos, bias and hang-ups outside the door for it to work and that has to start now, for both projects.

How are you going to choose the players?

Hi Mr Hinlson

After the panel puts a management team together, that management team must choose an arranger, the management team and the arranger will figure out the make-up of the band, then each NY/NJ band would be asked to submit players based on the need. That is one plan I am sure there may be others, we can explore all possibilites.

Mr Marcelle, as you said anything is possible but for this to fly it will take something short of a miracle. Braging rights for a year could be very costly. How does the returns stack up against what is put out. I think most countries will pass on this idea because of the work  involve, work that will most likely be with-out pay.

Mr. Hinkson

Sorry for spelling your name wrong before.Youe are absolutely correct about bragging rights.

I think though we need to fix panorama in New York first before tackling sending a band to Trinidad.

Bragging rights is all panorama os about right now, bands lose money every year and whose fault is ot, the bandleaders and the committees that run the bands, why I say that, before panorama they are aware of what the prize monies are but still choose to enter the competition, nobody bends their arm, but when the show ends and some how don't win it nonsense and WIADCA is exploiting them along with USSA does nothing for pan and theother bandleaders are the ones at fault, that is what you hear, when it  simply comes down to a choice. Here is another area where we are at fault and I say we because until 2010 I did the same thing, it took my son to talk some sense into me , it is not fiscally manageable don't invest, DON'T GO.

We are also afraid of change and making modifications, panorama on it's current form cannot survive in New York. band size, use of racks and out dors venue is killing it. Now some of you are saying "what the hell is he saying" think about it, the funds required to facilitate a panorama the Trinidad style in New York cannot be acquired. Why? Because as o said before Caribbean Organizations and Businesses don't support pan and American Organizations and Businesses will only put limited amounts into it (small or tiny). We must cut the band size down to fifty(50), get rid of the racks and put it indoors.

Here are some more things that must be done;

  1. Band size; at present there are only three maybe four bands that reach the 100 player make and some of those players play with more than one band.
  2. Cut it down to fifty, stipulate and enforce, player can only play with one band, it makes the show more competitive, it will surely be left up to the music and execution not the band size for you to win, no more free passes.
  3. It gives marketing companies something to bargain with, instead of the same bands winning every year, it has the possibilityn of serious rotation.
  4. Include American established bands to compete, look at soccer in this country, when it was injected into the blood stream the funding started going off the scales, now soccer in American is one of the best funded in the world, and look at how the American team elevated it's status in the world ranking, also the World Cup came to America, think about it. Now I know the thought in some people head"dey go take we ting away from we" well if we don't want to learn how to manager our thing maybe they should.
  5. Stop the bickering and back stabbing that is ever so present in pan. Maintain ONE STEEL BAND ORGANIZATION! Support it, push it to become the pinnacle of steel band organizations in the world.let me give you a small example of why some bandleaders pulled out of USSA ( i don't like keith, Dougie from St. James, I had a fight with this guy on the corner of Henry and Prince St. in 1967) those are some of the reasons or things like that, now it you don't trust me, fine then simply maintain your membership and oppose my candidacxy, don't go out and form another organization making us the laughing stock of the New York community. Very often we don't like the Mayor, Governor or President, what do we do form another City, State or Country no we wait for the opportunity to vote that person out.
  6. Give the younger generation more responsibilities, they are going to take this over one day make sure they know the right things to do.
  7. Learn to share pan, 75 percent of Brooklyn Steel bands are American born, with parentage from various Caribbean countries, so why is it Trinidadians want to prevent other Caribbeans and Americans from attaining positions of authority to help the cause.

Now these are just a few things that can be done to save pan and panorama, I am sure there are people with other ideas maby be better ones, so i am going to use this opportunity to again ask for members, become a member of USSA and help us make a difference.


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