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Unpardonable ‘dis’ of the steel band culture - written by Les Slater

Sonatas Steel Orchestra rolling racks of pan into the museum for the 2014 New York PanoramaNew York, USA -  The lineup of activities for the 2014 Labor Day weekend West Indian Carnival is history. And, like a couple of years ago when we were constrained to make scathing reference to the appearance in the Eastern Parkway parade of a few female exhibitionists who brought the skimpy-costume fad to levels of gross indecency, so was there this year reason for taking exception, this time to a patently poor-taste move on the part of the organizers. The Steel Band Panorama contest providing backdrop for the off-color display this time around.

Just a day or two before last Saturday’s Panorama, it was revealed that the high command of the West Indian American Day Carnival Association (WIADCA), organizers of Labor Day weekend activity, had denied credentials to cover the event to When Steel Talks, the most important and comprehensive forum the steel band community, world-wide, has ever had.
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“Martin Douglas, president of the United States Steelband Association, told When Steel Talks, after his efforts to secure credentials for them had failed, that he was “powerless” to bring about a reversal of WIADCA’s edict.”

How could you be a leader or head of an organization and characterize yourself as “powerless” poor excuse.

If you are 100% responsible you do whatever it takes.

Thanks Mr Slater for shedding light on this embarrassing situation.

This just shows that the USSA is powerless. The WIADCA call the shots and has no respect for Mr Douglas and the USSA.

Why can't the USSA be independent of the WIADCA in the first place?

Great question Mr. Hinkson. WIADCA unfortunately do not see themselves as accountable to the steelband community and operate in that manner. They are the promoters of the panorama steel band competition and hence believe they can do as they please.  Either you accept and adhere to their rules and decisions, or don't participate. It's a decision the steel bands have to make.  It would be nice to see for once all steel bands work together for their collective interest but that remains to be seen.


USSA should seriously consider whether they want to be apart of a dictatorship or whether they want to be part of a democracy.

WST is a truly educational, and legitimate media organization..and desrves respect and applause for their efforts to promote steel pan. This situation is terrible and does not reflect well for WIADCA. Unity is what is needed. Not pointless dis-respect.

WIADCA Should Clean Up their Act before Denying anyone Legitimate Entry to its Annual Panorama. I have Personally seen their Corrupt Practice in Action at Last Saturday Panorama. At the Gate of Entry to The Panorama they Deny Patrons their Half of their Ticket which is We are Legally entitled to. They Keep the Whole Ticket and have their Personnels Sell them outside the Venue for $20.00. I can Support this Claim. Many other People Can Attest to this Corrupt Practice.

Val, they doh know that U R ah ole Trini police, good work. lol

This is sad.  I hope they know the pendulum swings both ways and in their effort to hurt WST they can end up hurting others. Look at Boston Carnival; we haven't had panorama in years.

PAN IS IN DANGER in NY when you have people who don't know anything about pan running the PANORAMA.

From what I witness last Saturday night we need to get people who understand PAN CULTURE to get more involved in running pan shows, to me it look like WIADCA and NYPD is in control of the PANORAMA, where was USSA who is supposed to be the representing body for steel band in the US with all the chaos and confusion happening by the gate on Saturday. From what I gather is USSA is not only powerless but they are WIADACA  PUPPETS you only see them when it was time to hand out trophies. DO SOMETHING FOR PAN

collin sharpe, as long as USSA is with WIADACA they will remain "puppets"

WIADCA Board Should Have the President and the Vice President of USSA on their Managrment Committee. I Know That USSA is Weak but that's the Only Way that The Pan Body would Have a Heads Up in their Decision Making. USSA is Too Scared to go it Alone So forget about that. We Need Strong Represetation from USSA which We are not Getting.

For two years most the steelbands left WIADCA to be their own bosses, so to speak, but came running back because the break away  failed. They did not have the 100% support they were hoping for in the first place, also and more importantly after Panorama all man-jack just crawl right back into their holes to wait for the following year's events. Nothing would be accomplished if the leaders don't come together and work on a definite plan of action.


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