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What can we expect from the UPPM after carnival?

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I think that PAN LOVERS from around the world should unite in the BATTLE to REMOVE KEITH DIAZ from office. I think that WE SHOULD ALL join forces with the GROUND MOVEMENT (UPPM) started by Gregory Lindsay and Dane Gulston. Under this posting, PAN LOVERS from around the globe and PAN LOVERS in Trinidad should start sending suggestions on how we could UNIFY and bring an end to the CORRUPT ADMINISTRATION OF KEITH DIAZ.

I understand the POLITICAL CONSTRAINTS!!! But we could still make a show of force.

My first suggestion is that we get as many of the 20,000 WST MEMBERS and as many of the PAN PLAYERS (and their FAMILY MEMBERS and FRIENDS) in Trinidad to each write a letter to the MINISTER OF CULTURE asking her to call for the resignation of KEITH DIAZ on grounds of CORRUPTION. The details can be worked out on this forum. I had previously suggested that Gregory Lindsay and Dane Gulston set up a website with the sole purpose of exposing the KEITH DIAZ CORRUPTION -- for the whole world to see. This website may cross some ethical lines but it WILL accomplish the mission.

I am sure that if we all join forces and start a media/cyber war against KEITH DIAZ and his CORRUPT ADMINISTRATION we could have him out of office in SIX MONTHS.

Now I have to invoke a recent post from PATRICK (Plain Patrick and not Ramdoo Patrick) that it is highly unlikely the successors will be any different from KEITH DIAZ when it comes to HONESTY and INTEGRITY -- but we would have served a warning that the PAN LOVERS around the world have PEOPLE POWER in this modern world of GLOBAL CONNECTIVITY.

The Ministry of Community Development, Culture and the Arts
Levels 8 & 18
Nicholas Tower
63-65 Independence Square
Port of Spain
Trinidad and Tobago

Culture Division
Ground & 1st Floor
JOBCO Building
51-55 Frederick Street
Port of Spain
Trinidad and Tobago

(868) 625-8519
(868) 627-4991

Claude,  I disagree with this approach on the grounds that the UPPM is made up of pan players essentially and also not a legal and recognized Body registered in T&T. It is also represented by simply two persons. Legal authorities will turn down the accusations in favor of Pan Trinbago from this point of view and also without concrete evidence of corruption and financial impropriety by the Board which includes Diaz will have to be presented to their lawyers with beyond a shadow of doubt in order for the two persons (not UPPM as this BODY does not exist legally.  So only the two persons can request the resignation of the Board of Pan Trinbago. This they cannot do because they are not members of Pan Trinbago-either the two human beings or UPPM.

Therefore by logic and argument, Pan Trinbago's real members, namely the steel bands will have to take up this fight. All the steelbands can resign their membership from Pan Trinbago on the grounds that they have become disgruntled and have lost trust in the Board of Directors of Pan Trinbago's truthfulness towards them. They can resign on these grounds. They cannot force or ask the Board of Pan Trinbago to pack and leave the organization either. No lawyer or Court will support this as  Pan Trinbago does have a legal constitution in which to operate and present its side of the story. Now the persons who should be offering actual evidence are hiding in the background.  These are the ex Board members who have since resigned from the Board and are suppose to know some truths if not all that has transpired in terms of mismangement and misappropiation of the funds of the organization. They are the only ones who could offer some sort of legal explanation as to how things transpired  and if they know of any frudulent dealings. Otherwise no one else can offer such evidence. 

The purpose of the members of Pan Trinbago resigning from the organization is to place the organization in disrepute until the Board members offer their legal explanations publicly through their team of lawyers. Only the ex Board members can then counter their explanations of those matters. The two parties can then seek an arbitration mode of dealing with their issues. Only if that arbitration breaks down can the Courts of T&T be approached. All this does not affect the general membership from resigning.and in fact they can come together and form a completely new Body of steel bands. This is the way to bring Pan Trinbago to an immedate end. If the members resign membership then the organization has come to an end. This is what the Minister was hinting when she said that Government cannot interfare with the organization as such. Their limits concerns only the funds for Panorama. She also many times explained that Pan Trinbago is an NGO- therefore government cannot force the orgnaization in any way except to have NCC run this years Panorama 2017 and simply have Pan Trinbago hired for a management fee to help run the actual event without PT receiving any funds directly into their hands. Otherwise the actual members of Pan Trinbago can act according to how they feel about the entire situation. If the band memberships do not react in any way, then no one and absolutely no one can order either legally or illegally the resignation of the entire  Board or one person from Pan Trinbago. It is according to what actions are taken by the member bands of Pan Trinbago. If they want to end Pan Trinbago then the only way is to resign from membership of Pan Trinbago. All members of an organization have that last legal right to walk.If they don't have it then the organization is illegally set up so as to control people's lives. If this is the case then the member bands can sue Pan Trinbago entirely on the grounds of controlling their lives and bands. Only the members can take decisive action. The ex Board members will have to have concrete evidence beyond a shadow of doubt.  The band members can simply resign on the basis that they have lost total trust in the organization. The question is really, after carnival is over will the bands take this stand? If they do then they can begin a whole new chapter of a new organization. If they don't, then they will forever hold their peace and continue being slaves of system that has outdated its time year after year. The band membership then would have caused their own hardships.

Guys,whatever you do please remember that this
has become political and also remember that an honest
Politician is an entity that simply does NOT exist.So
tread carefully all of you mocking pretenders,chances are: you
can't do better!

what i cant understand with my comrade Claude Gonzales he says  one thing and mean the next, can somebody enlglinent me  here


Bede: Sometimes I mockingly assume the voice of the STRONG MAN LEADER to educate the PAN LOVERS on the challenges they are facing and how impossible it is to REMOVE HIM FROM OFFICE. Listen to this Calypso in the current context!!!

The line: And if you want to test how ah strong in ah Election/leh we bet some money ah giving odds 10 to 1 -- almost exactly matches the challenge that KEITH DIAZ has laid down, in slightly different words.

From the other side of the mouth ...

Are we to assume that UPPM has the same leadership, or are they still functioning as a group? lets just get this outta the way.

The last thing we heard from Dane was that they were taking legal action to remove Keith Diaz from office. But if the NCC pay the PAN MEN for 2017 PANORAMA soon after the performance -- nobody eh go be thinking about protesting no more.

We suppose to hear some announcements tomorrow from the NCC!

Mr Diaz silence the UTTM, knowing that after carnival they'll have little or no support. It will be extremely difficult to re energize Pan People after carnival.

So what yuh saying, Cecil? The movement done dead and bury? All this time we spend trying to dethrone KEITH DIAZ on this forum was wasted?

And when ah warn people and explain to them (on this forum) what a GREAT POLITICIAN Keith Diaz really is man want to cuss meh.

Now ah have to ask you your own question: What we go do NEXT?

This is where the management of each steelband particularly the large ones join the protesters and resign from Pan Trinbago. Bands have been noticeably absent from all that's going on, they must now take a stand.

We want to hear Phase ll, Despers, Renegades, All Stars, XO, Star Lift, Silver Stars and the likes, we want to hear ALL ah them pulling out of Pan Trinbago. Then and only then they could start a new pan movement.

This is what was missing from the protest from the beginning!!! I agree with you Cecil....I said this in another email...if the management & executive of the large bands do not join in and resign from PT....then nothing will happen. They are the ones everyone is waiting for - to see what they are going to do. The smaller bands will follow their lead. They are the power bands......THEY DO NOTHING - the revolution against corruption FAILS MISERABLY!!! They will then have no one but themselves to blame for their continued enslavement.


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