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Valentine Young is not letting up in the fight against BEVERLEY and GYPSY ... unlike MOST on THIS FORUM

Valentine Young NCC and PANTRINBAGO are in Cahoots to Deny the Pan Players their Stipends. This New Chairman of NCC and New PANTRINBAGO President are Putting a Hurting on the Young Pan Players of Our Land. They Want them To Work for Free While they use the Spoils of Their Labor for other uses than Paying The Players Without whom there Would Be No PANORAMA.

What Ah Shame!

This is the Second Time that The President/Chairman of NCC Mister GYPSY Has been Associated With Pan Players not Receiving or Getting their Stipend Cut. We Have a Short Memory. He is not Good for Pan. He Got this Very Weak PANTRINBAGO Body to deal with and is doing the Same Thing.

In 2011 When He was Minister of Arts and Multiculturalism He Advocated the Same Thing Cutting Steelbands Stipends He even Said that ""PANORAMA KILLING PAN"" No one is Looking at His Part in the Whole Debacle! "" Dem Politicians Really Good Yes! No one Cuts His Extempo Fees or Calypso Monarch Appearance Fees. What Has He Got against Panmen?

I am Saying He Has No Love for Pan. This Present Government who also Have No Respect for Pan Choose Him as their Scape Goat To Screw The Pan Players. PANTRINBAGO Hands are Tied. They Have to Take Instructions From The NCC. The Players Should Boycott PANORAMA But their Love for Pan wont Allow them to do that.

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It happened in 1979, why cant it happen again, what goes around comes around!!!

BEVERLEY mashup THE CIP (she offer Dane and Gregory Goodies and they grab it like hungry children) and she get BOOGSIE to do her DIRTY WORK and slander KERON VALENTINE and after she win she join forces with Lucas and Dolly and Gypsy to CHEAT THE PAN PLAYERS out of their REMITTANCE.

Ah tell allyuh she was just there to REPRESENT BEVERLEY -- now allyuh see the light but PAN PLAYERS still eh brave enough to STAND UP FOR THEIR RIGHTS.

No money in 2018 or 2019 or 2020!!! But ah sure it go have money in the 2021 ELECTION YEAR.

If PAN PLAYERS don't STRIKE they are ALL FOOLS to play for free!!!

It still amazes me to this day that pan players are ignorant of their true worth to Carnival. 

Here's another example of our disposable culture and not knowing your WORTH, a video crew visits the Pitch Lake and the tour guide can't give a dollar amount on HOW much MONEY they make a year. He laughs about it. Same with Panorama income no one can give an exact dollar amount or a guesstimate. 

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