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Watch (Northern) Large Prelims Live Feed - February 2, 2020

Feb. 2, 2020

Trinidad All Stars - 2020 Tune of choice:  More Sokah  | arranger:  Leon “Smooth” Edwards

 Renegades - 2020 Tune of choice:  Wrong Again  |  arranger:  Duvone Stewart

Silver Stars - 2020 Tune of choice:  Dear Promoter | arranger:  Liam Teague

Invaders - 2020 Tune of choice:  Feeling It  | arranger:  Arddin Herbert

Starlift - 2020 Tune of choice: Wrong Again | arranger:  Danté Pantin

Phase II - 2020 Tune of choice: “2020 Vision”  | arranger:  Len “Boogsie” Sharpe

Desperadoes - 2020 Tune of choice:  More Sokah | arranger:  Carlton “Zanda” Alexander

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Feed isnt working!!!

I have same problem...either feed is not working or I have the wrong instruction to live feed

Feed now working 20:00 hrs TT time

If every band sound like All stars and Renegades then they should all win.


I eh recognize THE SONG as yet!!! And how much time I put up that song on THIS FORUM!!

Invaders on a mission. Wow!!!

My take away from the North large bands prelims last night,  no one had an outstanding or even  a memorable 

arrangement, nothing and nobody had a wow factor, I only have to give a little to Renegades

because of their fullness and tone and the arranger giving the audience a story so we can try and follow along 

with what he did, but with that it was not clear... let’s hope the the South /Central and East can bring something 

to jump to ..... play on!!

You obviously missed Invaders...

I went back and listened to Starlift and this is the first time in years this band have some spark and life to it, 

D Pantin made them sound  sweet made them sound relevant, if they tweek that arrangement and deal with 

the base of the song “ Wrong Again” we might have something there , 


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