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We all know in all bands there are youths who have the talent to do a panorama arrangement. But yet we don't even get the chance to do a stage side tune because the rest of the band don't think that we a capable enough to do so. Why is this please? explain this to me!!!

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only when you leave or go outside your band and do your thing, is when they open their eyes' and think about you ... and thats baddd...

ok but when u leave and become successful they saying that they made u and arranger

Bro, we are still of the thinking that AGE is everything. Just do what you do and let them have to beg you years down the road.. Anyhow, Despers say who they going with yet?

Nathanael, this is so with every endeavour, we always have to pay a price in the beginning. Be patient and learn your craft well. You can ask Boogsie or Robie or Jitt or Ray how long it took for them to be recognised as Steelpan arrangers. There is no magic to stardom, only hard work.

You must first get a group of players, possibly close friends, and let them know that you are interested in arranging a song.  You would need to get them to come out at a particular time, outside of the band's rehearsal time, when you would be able to do your arrangement in an environment that is considered friendly.In so doing, others could have an input also.  That's the simplest method to adopt when you are a first-timer.

If you think that you have the ability, you may also try to accompany the resident arranger with some music on one of the instruments such as the Seconds, Cellos or Bass.  Be patient and gain the respect of your peers.  it is very difficult when you are playing in a so called "Big Band."


Joseph Renaud, HBM..

Former Captain/Manager Solo Harmonites.


Nathanael you got good advice from Joseph, in some cases you have to start your own band, this is what Boogsie had to do.

Great advice Joseph.

Another thing to consider is that with the focus on the big panorama prize ,most big bands will tend to be very conservative as to their choices of arrangers, preferring to go with proven veteran arrangers.

Even die hard fans have a say , and many are not supportive of their bands experimenting with a relatively  unproven arranger.

A band management that chooses to give a relatively young arranger a chance deserves a lot of credit.

Because sometimes even the panists themselves aren't supportive.

So young arrangers will have to do it the hard way. Joseph Renaud from "Solo"gave them a great primer!

The cultures of T&T are and continue to be a selfish. Very few are fortunate to receive the gifts. 

Its a mindset - its not only in arranging - its in all facets of pan from building, tuning arranging even down to the T-shirt designs, its seems to be very difficult for young people who are in most cases far more savvy both with their education and technology - to make headway from within their bands, even when some have literally grown up in the band.  You will find however, the bands that help their players that want to grow within the band are growing strong slowly but surely - if you are a female it seems to be even worst - it seems that some people think the Pan is a man ting..... Stay your course - talk to those who are willing to listen - don t give up - find like minds and as the man said - DO YOUR OWN TING don't be afraid of failure - the most successful people will always tell you they tried several times and failed before they eventually made it...use the same strength you had to learn to play pan....it will take you far....people will always try to take credit for your talent but you know what...its YOUR talent not theirs.....Good Luck

Consider offering your services to other smaller bands because some band leaders like to use different arrangers to create diversity in their repertoire. However, the advice Joseph gave is probably the better choice.



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