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We need two good PAN MEN to top this video. Over 18 million views!!!

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Before we start trying to top this handpan video, we should work on topping the following video, which is the biggest steelpan video I know of on youtube, which has 2.5 million views:


But the pattern should be clear! Mediocre white talent will always win out over consummate black talent where white audiences are concerned. I have said it before and I will say it again, white people love to see other white people doing black people's things.

As my elders always taught me while i was growing up, if you want to compete with white people, you are going to have to work 10x harder than they do just to have a leg in the race. I never really understood the gravity and the wisdom of these words until I actually started to go out in the world as a man and compete with white people!

The old folks never lied!

With all of the brilliant pan videos on youtube we already have from guys like Earl Rodney who can only garner a paltry 736 on a masterful solo video, its not looking good as far as youtube views are concerned! Now the same thing going on in the youtube industry is happening on the business side of the industry as well, and this video is a very poignant reminder of that!

Rudy:BIG UP BRAZIL, man. Fabulous OPENING CEREMONIES!!! I am still rocking and looking at the replay. I wish they build that highway (350 miles) from Brazil up to Georgetown (and the OCEAN). Trade could BOOM!!!

Not wanting to be disrespectful but," Truth be Told'. What I see here is two white men posing as fake Rastas play an indigenous instrument. As Black Stalin said "Black man doh get nothing easy". 

Mr. Codrington: You have the talent under your thumb. Bring a good musical product with a good marketing angle to the BIG MARKET and it will thrive. Don't bother with RUDY and all that RACE TALK; there is a BIG GLOBAL DEMAND out there for PAN MUSIC if it is presented right by any artiste -- BLACK or WHITE.

Claude, I respectfully take exception to your comment about ''all that RACE TALK''.

Let's talk about facts instead of talking in a manner that panders to a white demographic.

FACT: If the Codrington Pan Family was white, they would be a lot more rich and famous than they are now.

FACT: As a solo performer, I know for a fact that white solo-performers command on average 2-3x more than I do in our market and they get the gigs for the most part! 

This has nothing to do with marketing as you put it, because the fact is, in every area of human activity, white supremacy rears its ugly head.

We see it manifesting everywhere steelpan is concerned, whether it may be youtube views, steelpan related facebook groups, performance bookings, etc.

Is it any coincidence that Andy Narell is as prominent as he is?

Do not get me wrong, there are talented white pannists out there. However, I have never seen one including Andy Narell who plays with the soul, charisma and authenticity that the instrument is truly deserving of. But again, white supremacy was never about merit anyways, it was and is all about white welfare.

Andy Narell is not that great of a talent to me personally. I know I may be ruffling some feathers here, but it is just how I see it. If Andy Narell were a negro doing the same thing he is doing with the same skill set, and personality (or lack thereof), he would be unknown.

Let's not forget another fact which is, Caribbean aside, the biggest international market for pan is USA, and EU. These are cultures that like their music and everything else watered down. They can't handle spice and they prefer mild doses of their foreign cultural intake. They like their jazz smooth, they like their Reggae to be ''one love'', they like their rap to be Eminem, they like their R&B to be Justin Timberlake. 

These are cold, hard facts that everyone wants to either avoid or dance around, but to never address head on. But meanwhile everyday, people like the Codrington Pan Family, myself and others FEEL IT. He who feels it knows it.

To make matters worse, it's doesn't look like the Codrington Pan Family is willing to sell their souls for the fame and fortune by any stretch of the imagination!

Who God bless, no man curse!

Here's the thing, it's not so much about white and black but it is about white and black. The fora (plural of forum) that is used to garner the millions of views is dominated by white persons who know how to exploit it.

Black people can only emulate that by getting a following of white persons which they do not have.

Secondly yes, white people have an inherent bias against black but more importantly against third world people. If you don't understand and appreciate that you will miss the point.

Black persons generally concur except for those who are black activists, who are a minimum.

For example all the hype and press about the shortcomings over the Rio Olympics is simply jealousy because Brazil is seen as a black or third world country, so they cannot do anything right. Funnily enough we blacks continue to perpetuate that by actually agreeing with it and repeating it.

The reports about bad water quality is one such example. Even though the white head doctor of the Canadian team has said that the water quality in Vancouver is just as bad or worse that in the bays in Brazil, everybody is still repeating the false info that you will get sick if you even look at it. Same with the un-readiness of the games village as reported by the Australians.

And even Brazil will comply. Of the over 200 kids that accompanied the athletes on stage at the opening ceremony, only two were black. Funnily enough about half of them were Asian. What the hell is that?

So don't expect that to change anytime soon. If white pannists from Trinidad were playing pan it would be the same outcome. We just do not have the clout to command that audience.

That's why Trump is so up in the polls in the US. He spouts rhetoric against minorities that the Americans wish they could and secretly do.

Why is ISIS so vilified? Why not Israel who commits even worse sins than ISIS does?

Why, when a black man shoots up somebody, it's always a terrorist act, but when it's a white person doing it it's just a misunderstanding. Do you believe if white police shoot white persons they will get away with it, anywhere? Or if the police doing the shooting were black,would it would be so condemned?

Why do you think they have a category called black against black violence?

It is a white/black thing but more importantly it's a white supremacy over black or coloured thing based on where you come from, more than what colour you are.

Even white persons from a black country will be given the short end of the stick.

So if Andy was seen as coming from Trinidad, he would suffer the same indiscretions.

And we happily support it ourselves by joining in it without even realizing it. (In fact if Andy were black we would not have an opinion about his playing, but there are those who would say that Andy is no good, because he is white from a white country and therefore has some advantage)

That's why the dangerous DNA vaccine against Zika is being tested in Jamaica. It will never be allowed to be tested in a white country, but third world countries are fair game and we support that by agreeing that you can dump whatever poison you want on us or that ISIS are terrorists that should be eliminated.

Simply because whatever comes to us from a white source is better. A lot of the millions of viewers of the faux rastas playing the fool on the hang drum were actually black. Bet your bottom dollar.

By the way if the man playing the pan were black on the Under the Sea video mentioned above, there wouldn't be the 2 million views either.

What so special about this?Boogsie does that everyday 24/7

Lord Have Mercy!!! Allyuh disturbing me from my OLYMPIC GAMES.

Allyuh blaming ANDY because allyuh doh know how to COMPOSE NO MUSIC for the OUTSIDE WORLD and allyuh doh know how to record the PAN properly.

Ah never see more!!!

Black American with PAN and CALYPSO!!! I rest my case!!!

There is a limited demand for a staged steelband presence worldwide , now that the novelty of the steelband has worn off.

Because of his international presence and expertise  , Andy Narell has , to his credit been one of the few who has been able to achieve some measure of international success with a steeband in the European orchestral tradition. ( Remember , I'm not speaking of soloists).

In my humble opinion , the future of the steelband does not lie in trying to mimic the European classical orchestra.

After all , how many successful orchestras are there worldwide?

How many of you have seen any of these orchestras perform? Not to mention that their appeal is to an older , upscale crowd.

There are probably as many if not more steelbands in Trinidad and Tobago.

I venture to suggest that the future of the steelbands of T&T lie in a return to playing party music for the masses.

We too quickly discarded the "steelband carnival" image, when that role as a key ingredient of the peoples carnival celebration ,was the original role of steelband .

The Trinidad Carnival gave the steelband its identity, but we ran away from that , so today it has none.

I think that somehow we have to figure out a way to reintegrate the steelband into the carnival , which I believe will be a boost to both the carnival and the steelband.

That way , I won't have to feel like we are lying when anyone sings about "jumping up in a steelband "at carnival

WORD, Glenroy, What they will do in the outside world is remove the lead Pans and have them hidden among conventional instruments.

The steelband has to return to carnival,  I find it difficult to understand why they don't see this as beneficial.  


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