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West Indian American Day Carnival Association President Thomas Bailey has returned to his post

As reported in the New York Daily News

Thomas Bailey, president of the West Indian American Day Carnival has returned from a medical leave to head WIADCA. Bailey re-took the helm acting president William Howard on Oct. 28.

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Way to go Mr. Bailey

So can we expect Press passes for WST next year?

1st order ah bizness , take d west indian out . . . put Caribbean in . . . 2nd step . . Panorama 1st prize . . 100.000.00 . . . yuh hah real wok tuh do Mr. President . . . or else . . . sombody else . . . go hah tuh do it . . .

Dear Mr. Bailey expand your base by including the young people in the steelbands and those who were on Eastern Parkway this past Labor Day.    The organization must find a way to go into the future.    Thank you.

I wonder if MR Thomas Bailey have anything to say about the Article during the 2014 Labor Day,"When Steel Talks Not Welcome at New York's 2014 Steelband Panorama as Members of the Press", or was he in agreement with MR William Howard?

Thomas Bailey You are born leader I know you will continue to do a great job. my one advise to you is to start to

groom some young people take them under your wing teach to them how handle themselves under pressure as you do you also need to get more funding the city of New York with more money you can do a lot for the festival

Augustine from Toronto Gus

Welcome Back Thomas you were greatly missed I hope you are in great health to carry on th great work that you have been doing and I look forward to next year with great anticipation.

Pepe Francis MBE Acting Chair London Notting Hill Carnival.


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