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Which song or songs hit a special note with you? Which song made you hit the replay button? And Why?



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I hit the replay button many times for "Angels In We Pan" but not for the right reasons... 

I hit the replay for "Nothing sweeter than Pan", for Chord structure and when it's played on Pan, "Nothing sweeter than Pan".

Play More Local Is my choice Harris (Gyasi) Marshal

Harris: I gave "PLAY MORE LOCAL" a replay and wanted to like that song. But it was such a rip-off of "RAGGA RAGGA" by Red Plastic Bag that I ended up giving it a thumbs down. However, if you are in Trinidad listening to it blasting here there and everywhere, I am sure that it would override my lack of originality bias.

I was thinking of "Horn" by Shadow. 

I still like it (and its message) though. 

I like The Wedding

Oh gosh! I like so many I can't name one for fear of leaving out another that I like just as much. Have to admit though there's a lot of static in between.

Nothing Sweeter than Pan has all that we got from a Kitch song , I don't know why bands pass on it. 

The Wedding with Skiffle could be trouble this year.

I really like the story in  " pan is Meh life  " myself

singer Lenox Picou,   and the melody is sweet too

For this year's selections, the best to me are: In De Minor (far and away the best of the bunch, music- and production-wise), Big In the Dance (great sound, classic Bean), Big Yard (someone said it sounded like Maestro - that's accurate and a compliment), Men of Steel (like the minor/major switch). Hills Coming Down is good but I have thought so for seven years now; that song is from 2007 so I don't consider that a 2014 tune.

However, there is a lot of low quality stuff, primarily in the production department. Some of them sound like simple demos and some have backing tracks that are simply Finale MIDI files. It can be said that only the music matters but imagine trying to get psyched up to play, hearing that over the PA in the Savannah while pushing on stage. One example is Angels in We Pan which is ruined by production. The song itself is actually nice but the backing track is a disaster, specifically the drums. What band wants to go onstage after having the patrons and judges listen to that for twenty minutes? 

Looks like it is De Fosto's year. Still waiting for Boogsie's offering. Sorry there is nothing from Pro or Amrit. Bad year for pan music. Can't blame bands and arrangers for leaning towards soca. At least then the audience will know the song.

Great production critique, Noah. But two rum and two carib in your head and a nice girl by your side and the magical atmosphere of the savannah could fix all dem production problems in a heartbeat ... PARTY! PARTY!

That's a good point Noah about getting on stage with a bad production being played in the background. lol



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