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Which Arranger Made The Biggest Impact On Our Large Bands Panorama?

From 1963 to Present Which Large Band Panorama Arranger Had The Biggest Impact on Our Panorama Music. Why Would You Choose That Arranger?

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Mr. S.F.Thomas, thanks a lot for the info.

Earl Richards,
Let’s analyze your question.
Yes as I said I don’t doubt Boogsie’s abilities, however his judgment can sometimes be called into question.
To take Woman on D Bass and think you could do it better than All Stars is a laugh. “Bad decision resulting in a 24 point loss to the eventual winner All Stars” in the International Conference of Pan (ICP).
The fact that he wasn’t only beaten into 4th place but he also tied with Brooklyn Steel Orchestra and an arranger I would never put in Boogsie’ s genius class.
Point 2. To play music for Panorama you don’t really like, however your allegiance to the arranger and band, forces you to comply is not the best way to enjoy Panorama in my opinion.


"My point on Boogsie, is he pushes the envelope but never wins with that tune. He reverts to his legacy music and wins."

That is a useful observation, and I think it is correct.

"I would love to see him arrange something for Phase II he didn’t compose. "

I think you may be right again  that that is what he may have to do for his  genius to  be rewarded in the PANORAMA context. With the examples already mentioned, it  is clear that he can when he wants to, and does it very well.

You and I are agreed that the PANORAMA is one thing, and the other genres are another.

I put it in terms of the PANORAMA having reached a "high pressure" zone in historical terms. What this means is that there is an orthodoxy now more or less agreed upon as what PANORAMA, and the CARNIVAL SPIRIT, demand. Heterodox offerings are welcome, but only if they are marginal, and do not sacrifice (much) the carnival spirit. Any heterodox offering that is too radical will tend to be rejected, however sweet, however beautiful it might be as to sheer music.

Therefore, what I suggest, and have mentioned before elsewhere, is that the genius of Boogsie and Andy and etc. has to be given an alternative outlet.

That is not a new  idea. This opportunity has been afforded in the past under rubrics like "Pan is Beautiful", "Steelband Festival", etc. This sort of avenue for new musical creativity, and taking pan away from the road and from carnival, needs to be better visioned and institutionalized.

Certainly, on the supply side, we have any  number of arrangers raring to go in those directions: Boogsie, Mia, Liam, Duvonne, Yohan, The Three Amigos, just to name a few. On the demand side, there may be less interest from the general public than for Panorama, but there is evidence from steelband festivals around the world that there are die-hard pan enthusiasts who will come out in support. 

Pan Trinbago may or may not want to take that on. Whether they do or not, the world will not wait for their vision (or lack).

-Big Sid

 My Pan Comrades. I Understand Everyone Comment.   I know that this Question Would Have Many Different Responses. We All Have Different Tastes. I Respect Every One Comments Most are Well Represented. Some are Very Biased and Territorial Because of the Location of The Person Answering the Post.  Thanks for All Your Responses.  Bless!

This argument does not do justice to steelband and pan just as in sport.
Let's hear about which steelband or leader will step up to recreate the movement and interest of Panorama and Carnival
...So that every year it's not the same as someone just suggested.


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