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Jason says -

"why is it the every year ADLIB never gets on the recording basement needs to make the drive to long island and record!!!! Adlib is now one of the top bands n the NY pan scene n get the short end of the stick."

Hi Jason;

Thanks for your post. First, Basement Recordings would love to capture ADLIB. And in this regard we tried to work out a schedule to have that done this year with ADLIB management, as we have attempted to do every other year past. Due to scheduling and other issues it did not happen this year. Basement Recordings has inquried in the past about recording ADLIB for the Panorama season. It is up to ADLIB's management to make that happen.

In reagrds to ADLIB being a top New York band, indeed ADLIB has acheived that status. However, our impetus for the bands we choose to record is not based on status, or who is the "reigning champion" - as you can see by checking the bands we have recorded over the years. There are New York bands who, for years, value being recorded by Basement Recordings, and ensure their music is documented, and have made their being recorded a PRIORITY. Therefore, logically we are committed to those orgainzations first. In fact they already know what day and time they will be recorded next year 2010. Despers USA was ready to record the week before panorama week (August 24-28) - so important was it to the organization.

Again we would love to record ADLIB - as we did some years aback - but it is up to ADLIB to make that happen. Incidentally, you may know, that ADLIB is the first steel orchestra that Basement Recordings recorded a full 11-track CD - "ADLIB - 'We've Only Just Begun' - in 2002 - http://www.basementrecordings.com/nap/adlibers/adlbnews/prlseadb.htm; http://mi2n.com/press.php3?press_nb=35397


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Hi basement, I am sure ADLIB will be happy to work out a schedule to have you record them. I think you should start from now. ADLIB has a very busy schedule, but I am sure given enough notice they will work it out. Long island is just a hop and a step from Brooklyn, so make a conscious effort. It will worth your while. Your sales will increase tremendously.

This is what I don't understand, it just seems a bit backward and I don't say that to be rude, but I think the initiative should come from the band and not basement recordings. Every steel band should push to have their Panorama arrangements (or quality stage side tunes) recorded, why work hard day and night for weeks to play a song only once and not have it recorded? Besides, based on what basement said in this article, they already made a conscious effort to record ADLIB, it just takes a phone call and who knows...maybe ADLIB can get some of the players back and still have the tune recorded...it's possible.

I hope it works out...it's always a shame when quality music is not recorded.
Gospel Pan I have to agree with you on this one. I think goslet piper has it upside down. It is the bands responsibility to make sure they are recorded every year. I will go further and say that any band that has the opportunity to have Basement record them and don't is negligent and doing a disservice to its players.
danraj what you say is simply not true. I know for a fact that the bands picked up Basement and happily so. I was in Crossfire's panyard when they (Crossfire) picked up Basement. And then I watched Radoes come and pick up Basement from Crossfire's yard like clockwork and they said Pantonic would pick them up from Radoes. You are either very misinformed or a mischief maker. In any regard, just from your tone and attitude if I was Basement I wouldn't bother with you. I hope you are not a representation of ADLIB's organization.

If Sonatas, Despers or Pantonic who have won many panoramas can pick up Basement to have their band recorded - what exactly is your problem?

Respect is earned and you sure didn't gain any today.
To danraj

How can you clear the air of misconceptions if you readily admit you do not have all the facts? I am not a member of ADLIB or Basement, but it seems like I know or knew much more about why ADLIB was not recorded than it own members. All I did was inquire why ADLIB wasn't on the list to be recorded when Basement published that list. The response seemed very reasonable. The day that was free to record ADLIB was the Tuesday or Monday before panorama because the other timeslots were already taken. ADLIB could not record on either day because its arranger was out of the country or just returning from the UK panorama.

danraj this sounds more like a case of you not being accustomed to winning or being on the top and as a result you're not sure what to expect or how to behave. Phrases like "short end of the stick" should not be used by champions. That's finger pointing. I would recommend that you sit down with ADLIB management and get all your facts together. And stay away from words like "we" until you do so.

I don't think there is any question that ADLIB wants to be recorded or that Basement wanted to record ADLIB.

This might be the reason why Basement didn't get the chance to record Adlib.

GospelPan How is the quality of the recording? I wasn't too pleased with audio of the panorama dvd.
Well...now that you've asked...

The Panorama DVD is excellent...in terms of video quality, BUT the sound quality is very, very poor in my humble opinion. The smaller bands suffered the most, especially the Boston band, which came on first, all I could hear was the brake drum and percussion. I just don't get it, the whole purpose of "sound reinforcement" is to reinforce sound accurately, but they missed the mark with this DVD.

Maybe they should team up with Basement because the sound quality on Basement's CD's are much better.
GospelPan -

the purpose of sound reinforcement is to "amplify" the volume of a live performing act or sound source to a level where it can be heard comfortably without coloration and/or distortion. Capturing sound or recording sound is outside the scope of a sound reinforcement engineer. In fact asking a sound reinforcement engineer to capture sound for a high level recording is like asking someone who is skilled with a jack-hammer to do dental surgery because he knows how to drill holes.

One would not ask a "dj" to be a sound reinforcement engineer? Right? At least I hope not.

At the 2001 USSA New York panorama Basement had three separate crews of highly skilled and experienced people who dealt separately with audio for sound reinforcement, audio for video/dvd and audio for broadcasting/cd. We also used separate equipment for each category (that also includes mics). Mic placement for live sound reinforcement of a steel orchestra is different than that needed to capture that same orchestra's audio for a digital recording.

A sound engineer's focus should be on what sounds appropriate through his speakers for a live audience at that moment - not on what may sound good at some later date on a recording or worst - what sounds good through a set of headphones. When this is done both the live sound and the future recording will suffer greatly.

Below is a sample of Pantonic's performance of Stranger in 2001. The audio we captured for that clip is completely different from the audio we sent over the sound system for the audience. And if you have a copy of the Pantonic Live! CD you can experience yet another audio output of the same song.

Maybe I used a poor choice of words, but that's besides the point; the audio on the dvd is of very poor quality and I can't believe at this stage that they still can't get it right. It makes no difference to me if they had ten crews working on the project, what matters at the end of the day is the finished product...and that is where they continue to fail in regards to the dvd. My feelings are in agreement with Pan Rising on this issue, we are not pleased with the audio on the dvd and I wouldn't be surprised if there are others out there who feel the same way.
Thanks Basement, thanks GospelPan, I agree with you GospelPan. What good is a music dvd if the audio is poor?
It is unfortunate but people are willing to accept cell phone quality audio and WIADCA is quite happy to give it to them.

The audio was piss poor. In a time of surround sound and 5.1 how dare these people put a mono recording of a panorama on dvd.



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