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President Anthony TA Carmona tries to recall some of the pan lessons he took while a High Court JudgeTrinidad & Tobago, W.I. - President Carmona told the Catholic News in an exclusive interview last Wednesday that as patron of Pan Trinbago, he was “deeply concerned about ensuring that the national instrument has the international visibility and recognition it deserves. And, I felt there was a need to emphatically state that this national instrument is ours and put to rest all pretenders to the throne. And I felt what better way than presenting the Pope with a pan.”

He continued, “I felt also that the pan, as a national instrument, is synonymous with Trinidad and Tobago. It transcends age, race, ethnicity and class. It has a distinctly unifying element in this Republic of ours. And, I wanted to give the Pope something that is Trinidad and Tobago.”

The photograph of Pope Francis attempting to play a tenor pan, with President Anthony Thomas Aquinas Carmona looking on approvingly, went viral when it hit the Internet, especially among pan enthusiasts.
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A Pan is the most appropriate gift anyone representing the people of T&T can give to a foreign head of state or someone like the Pope.

I endorse that, pan is our cutural and national symbol and what better than music..........!

He is a thoughtful citizen of our country. I like that he gave gifts that represent some of our finest, especially the steelband. For all that he has done so far to raise the knowledge of our land and people and secure the fact that T&T is the creator of the steel pan, and that our cocoa is the best in the world I say thanks.

Steelpan Born in T&T - Enjoyed Worldwide.....

The Steelpan is the best gift you can give to heads of state and important people .The steelpan  represent Trinidad and Tobago

Even tho' it's good to give a Head of state a Steelpan, but it hurts my heart when these people stick that Steelpan in the garage or somewhere under the bed, I wonder if and how many of these people would set up that Pan in their living room just like you would set up a Piano? (NONE)

Bede, as they say yuh could lead ah cow to the water but yuh cyah make him drink, in giving we do what WE can,  we have no control of the receiver

There is so much sin and sinners in the world today I prefer to know the the Pope is praying for we instead of playing the pan. LMAO

Cecil, I pray and hope the Pope set it up in the living room and not keep it in the garage so he can use it as a BBQ Grill, lol

Bede if the Pope learn to play dah pan the next thing you know he want to come and play for panorama.

why not a pan for the pope.?????????


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