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With All The Pan Comess; Please Don't Lose Sight of Social, Economic and Environmental Health

Hey Panpeople,

I have been reading the postings and comments on WST regarding the catastrophic loss of confidence and respect for the current Pan Trinbago leadership. I sympathize with the pan community of which I'm a part. I have my $1,000.00 Canadian tied up in the fiasco from travel and boarding arrangements for the International Conference on Pan, 2015.

As a steelpan-focused researcher with an interest in environmental issues; namely, sustainable development for pan in Toronto, Canada and Boston, USA, I believe the current events in Pan Trinbago serves as a lesson in how not to do things. This is a microcosm of a bigger problem within the global steelpan community. First, please let me define the term microcosm: It's a noun - a community, place, or situation regarded as encapsulating in miniature the characteristic qualities or features of something much larger. https://en.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/microcosm.

Anyway, it is not my plan to use this forum for my academic bantering, I have my site www.ese4steelpan.tv for that. (plugged...) So let me cut to the chase by speaking in clear tones; the disregard towards pan players by the "World Governing Body on Pan" is symptomatic of the the experience of pan players in many countries. Let us have this injustice addressed by all steelband subsidiaries and associations as a model not to be followed for obvious reasons. I have included the current problem of unfair distribution practices in my graduate studies research to highlight the need for economic reforms within the global steelpan community and I will use this ongoing saga as an illustrative piece for new steelpan learners from elementary levels all the way to the tertiary planes.

It is very good to see the apparent end to steelpan economic injustice, but it will be more interesting to see how the new thoughts and patterns would be implemented after this coup d'etat.

I have hope for the best outcome,



PS: My research on Residual Chemical Toxicity in Used Steel Drum Containers: Health Impacts on Steelpan Builders, Tuners and Players is 56 pages long.

Environmental Sustainability Education (ESE) for Steelpan begins by taking a critical look at the traditional practice of building steelpans from discarded oil drums that were once used as chemical storage containers. ESE for Steelpan provides a new paradigm shift for sustainability through environmental education for frontline steelpan builders, tuners, players and the residents in close proximity to the steelpan-making yards. Steelpan makers who use traditional methods to create steelpans frequently deal with residual hazardous chemicals found in the drums, and they do not work within the guidelines set out in Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for the chemicals they encounter. As a consequence, they create a harmful environment for themselves and other living species. ESE for Steelpan places its emphasis on highlighting the dangers of traditional steelpan-making with the associated improper storage and disposal of residual insecticides, pesticides and herbicides. ESE for Steelpan proposes a policy with recommendations to increases awareness within the steelpan community through an environmental educational framework that provides a scaled approach from local and national levels climaxing to the global.

Environmental Justice (Sustainability)

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"It is very good to see the apparent end to steelpan economic injustice, but it will be more interesting to see how the new thoughts and patterns would be implemented after this coup d'etat."

Mike: Don't celebrate this "apparent end" too soon. Keith Diaz is going to come out of that hospital in short shrift and return to his PRESIDENCY. And even if the "coup d'etat" does take place the -- the old mentality will still be around for another 20 years.

Hi Claude,
Thanks for the thought on the idea of the "old mentality", I'm not celebrating and will not throw a party because suffering is too much in the present and immediate future for pan. However, the opportunity for progress is always a beacon of hope when the tides are shifting and the waves are pounding on the rocks. This will be a very difficult transition if it does occur. So if the coup succeeds or fails there is one thing that I would like to says to anyone in the leadership, and that is to be respectful with the attitude of a servant to the people below and they will elevate you the leader.
Thanks with respects,

Not sure what this article says other than to highlight the status of the writer.

Is it saying that the problems experienced by the local pan players exists globally?

Is it that persons who run the foreign associations and pan bodies have taken a page from the PT playbook? Or is it that they are cut form the same cloth or are actually persons who have been spawned in this pond and then relocated to other shores to continue their abuse against pan players?

In the epilogue, the author talks about his research and thesis on chemical poisoning due to the use of steel drums that previously contained chemical products.

In the first case chemicals are no longer stored in metal drums since the advent of plastic containers.

Secondly pans are less an less being made from discarded metal drums so the entire discussion is moot.

Shall we go back to the issue at hand and not deviate into side issues such as the environmental effects of discarded drum use.

Wayne Cezair: You should throw your hat  in the PAN RING and find some avenue to implement (contribute) your skill-set and ideas.

Thank you Wayne,
I believe you may have read all 56 pages of the document within the last 12 hours since it was published before making your informed comments. I am not seeking any accolades from the work presented, nor would I be disputing any part of it here. My aim is to ensure that the global steelpan community remain plugged into the broader aspects of the art form to advance pan in anyway possible.
Thank you for your initial comments,

Mr. Cezair, the majority of pans made in this country are made from empty raw material drums,sold by the various factories with the majority being toxic and eventually harmful over time if constantly inhaled. We have has situations in the past. There is a label informing you of same. When purchased, one has to have them thoroughly cleaned and steamed out before use for safe usage. The importation of double sided empty drums or assembly of same when they come in CKD, is insufficient and of a very high cost. Picture a six or nine bass cost with those, versus the "cleaned out" factory drums. You may need to upgrade your research.

Mr. Clarke: But I saw a video of KEITH DIAZ and PAN TRINBAGO making PANS form SHEET METAL. How does that fit in to the TOTALITY of PAN PRODUCTION in T&T?

Claude, COST and SUPPLY. Those are used but when available and COST versus the "others" All I am prepared to say is that the cost of ONE is MANY of the others. I am not getting into any further banter on this. Ah throw that in for Cecil lol

Gerard all I would say  in this topic is foreign makers have their eyes on the local market.

This and following photos  taken during 2016 large bands preliminaries.

Thank you Gerard and PJJ,

As I mentioned earlier, the residual chemical problem is a serious concern in the global steelpan community. I have photos of the same phenomenon occurring in Toronto steelbands and the sad thing is that our little children, daughters and grand daughter and grand sons are exposed to the chemicals. This may have long term consequences for their reproductive organs if no caution is taken now. We are responsible for the environmental sustainability of the future steelpan people, builders, tuners and players. It not only about the money, it's about your quality of life after you have all the money. By the way, don't forget the nice neighbours who live next door to the steelpan-making yards.



PS: Pan Alive 2016, Toronto, steelpan photos below


Mike: I have to side with WAYNE CEZAIR on this discussion. If you read the postings on this WST FORUM, this is not a FORUM where people come on POSTING CREDENTIALS. As educated as you are if you read the STANDARD OF WRITING on this forum with any kind of sociological and psychological insight you will NOT go down that road.


So bring us some more DOWN TO EARTH TOPICS and we could LIME and HAVE A GOOD TIME!!!


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