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Ok pan people we now have D' Radoes of the US, Real Steel of England and Pan Fantasy of Toronto, who do you think had the best panorama song?

For me it's Real Steel.

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Let's see, D'Radoes gave Pan Fantasy a Spanking, that leaves them out, so is between D'Radoes and Real Steel so I will go with D'Radoes.

D'Radoes. Of course. Music, Power, and Skill at every section of D band. Band was well over 100 players.

D'Radoes won this panorama hands down!!!!!

They performed to win! Radoes had a complete band of skilled players and executed every note. Thank God the judges had it right this year! Amen!

This is not a fair assessment of the player’s ability or the arrangement. You cannot compare bands from different competitions and expect to have a winner. You have to assess the individual competitions on their own merit. D’Radoes sounded good and in this aspect may look as a winner however if you put them up against the last placing band in the heavy rollers in Trinidad Panorama 2014 (Tropical Angel Harps) they would place last in a head-to-head. All competing bands play to the strengths of their competing opponents and that will either raise or lower the standards of the bands and competitions. If it was a head-to-head competition over several years, I am sure Real Steel and Pan Fantasy would be hard to beat.

I don't agree with the concept that bands outside of T&T cannot compete with those in T&T. Would you sing the same song if Boogsie were the arranger for D' Radoes or Pan Fantasy and not Phase II ? 

That is easy to say but at one time almost all the arrangers of top bands in Trinidad arranged for a New York Panorama. Some even went as far as London. This year 2014 in New York we had Two top flight Arrangers.
My point is the level is in accordance with the environment and not the band itself. Bands in New York and London have curfew hours and as a result, practice would be different and not drilled to the early hours of the morning. I have never been to a Toronto pan tent and therefore, I cannot speak for them. Knowing Canada comes under British Law I assume it would be the same would be for them.

Very good point, Martin and I see it the same way after 15 years trying to establish steel pans in Germany.
If there wasn't the UK-Panorama we wouldn't have any professional perspective. And the situation in GB might be different from those in NY and Toronto. I see more use in assisting each other than in competing. So lets enjoy the music and keep the thing going.

D'Radoes all the way
For me its real steel
Real steel


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