Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. - Congratulations to the winners in the three categories for the 2015 Junior National Steelband Panorama competition:

Primary School Category - 1st place - St. Paul’s  Boys’ Anglican School

Secondary School Category - 1st place - St. Francois Girls College Steel Orchestra

Under-21 Non-School Category - 1st place - Renegades Youth Steel Orchestra (pictured below: Renegades accept trophy, with arranger Andrew Charles, left)


The three (3) top placed steelbands in the National Junior Panorama preliminaries maintained their positions.

St. Paul’s Boys Anglican, St. Francois Girls College and bp Renegades Youth Steel Orchestras placed first in their respective categories with 265, 273 and 281 points.

The National Junior Panorama Competition was held last Sunday at the Queen’s Park Savannah, Port of Spain. Thirty four (34) bands competed in three (3) categories.

Adjudicators were: Avis Bruce, Dexter Assoon, Major Edouard Wade, Jill Ann Walters, Vanessa Headley and Maureen Clement (Primary Schools), Cuthbert Matthew, Barry Mannette, Kareem Brown, Victor Prescod, Michelle Dowrich and Seion Gomez (Secondary Schools), with Kenrick Noel, Nidel Diaz, Bernadette Roberts, Carlon Harewood, Dexter Assoon and Jeanette Johnson (Under 21).

During the competition, Awards were presented to Ms. Patricia Adams and Mr. Amrit Samaroo, for their continued dedicated service.

After ten (10) hours of high level of exhilarating steelpan music by young and talented players before their peers.

Full results below:


PRIMARY Category

Results /Score Steel Orchestra Selection Arranger
1st - 273 St. Paul’s  Boys’ Anglican School Too Young To Soca -
 sung by Machel Montano
Curtis Jones
2nd - 253 St. Margaret’s  Boys’ AC School Jump High -
 sung by Destra
Sheldon Peters
3rd - 248 St. Mary’s Government Primary School Say Say -
 sung by “Baron”
Aquil Arrindel
4th - 240 Renaissance Jahaji Bhai -
 sung by “Brother Marvin”
George Caesar
5th - 231 Guaico Presbyterian School Phenomenal -
 sung by “Benjai”
Kayle Noel
6th - 226 Febeau Government Primary Bacchanal Time  -
 sung by “Superblue”
Devon James; Quasi Ward 
7th - 224 Couva Anglican Du Du Yemi -
 sung by “Mighty Sparrow”
David Sylvester
8th - 220 Fifth Company Baptist Rising Stars Signal For Lara  -
 sung by “Superblue”
Aquil Arrindel
9th - 219 Grant Memorial Presbyterian School Dus’ In Yuh Face -
 sung by David Rudder
Dionne Kerr
10th - 216 Guaico Government Primary School Phenomenal -
 sung by “Benjai”
Malaina Moffett
11th - 209 Point Fortin AC Primary School  Loosen Up The Chain -
 sung by “Farmer Nappy”
Damien Alexander
12th - 207 St. Stephen’s AC School Happiest Man Alive  -
 sung by Machel Montano
Richard Gittens
13th - 204 Cunupia Government Primary Oil and Music -
 sung by David Rudder
Devon James
13th - 204 Mayaro Government Primary Back To School -
 sung by Bill Trotman
Annie Lopes
15th - 202 Mafeking Government Primary Toco Band -
 sung by “Lord Kitchener”
Vernon Bailey
16th - 200 Bethlehem Girls & Boys RC School Big People Party -
 sung by “Farmer Nappy”
Lesedi Felix


Results /Score Steel Orchestra Selection Arranger
1st - 265 St. Francois Girls College Steel Orchestra Outta De Box -
 sung by Shanaqua
Peter Rory Aleong
2nd - 262 Bishop Anstey & Trinity College East (BATCE) Steel Orchestra Shake It Aviel Scanterbury
3rd - 257 Providence/QRC Steel Orchestra Dus’ In Yuh Face -
 sung by David Rudder
Koreece Graham
4th - 250 St. Joseph Convent St Joseph Dr. Samaroo Anders Koppel
5th - 245 Bon Air Beacons Ah Feeling -
 sung by “Lead Pipe” & “Saddis”
Terrence Sealey
6th - 244 Pleasantville Secondary School Phenomenal -
 sung by “Benjai”
Aquil Arrindel; David Goddard
7th - 241 Mount Hope Secondary Steel Symphony    Total Disorder -
 sung by “Mighty Sparrow”
Gary Raymond
8th -  239 South East Port-of-Spain Pan Army -
 sung by Kernel Roberts
Kygel Benjamin
9th - 236 Speyside Secondary School Party Time -
 sung by “Bally”
Joshua Jerry
10th - 230 Blazers of Steel (St. Joseph’s Secondary) Play the Music Brandon Valley


UNDER-21 Category

Results /Score Steel Orchestra Selection Arranger
1st - 281 Renegades Youth Steel Orchestra Ola -
 sung by Olatunji
Andrew Charles
2nd - 274 Revelation Institute of Performing Education (RIPE) Stranger -
 sung by “Mighty Shadow”
Dante Pantin
3rd - 263 Invaders Youth Steel Orchestra  Signal For Lara  -
 sung by “Superblue”
Jamal “Meck Meck” Gibbs
4th - 250 birdsong Academy Ah Feeling -
 sung by “Lead Pipe” & “Saddis”
Aviel Scanterbury
5th - 249 Starlift Junior Steel Orchestra Ola -
 sung by Olatunji
Natasha Joseph
5th- 249 Tropical Angel Harps Youth Free Up  -
 sung by Chris “Tambu” Herbert
Curtis  Jones
7th - 242 San Fernando West Old Tech Youth Doh Back Back -
 sung by “Mighty Sparrow”
Diop Balbosa; Atherley Figaro
8th - 241 St. Margaret’s Boys’ E.P.I.C. -
 sung by Machel Montano
Le’Roi Simmonds
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  • I was watching the school panorama Sunday and I must say that pans are in very good hands.But and that is a very big but,I heard a teacher said, that particular school didn't received their prize money for 2014,which is $32.000.00 and hope that they will received 2014 & 2015 money together.Now that is bad,what is the problem with Pantrinbago of who see about money,These kids need their money also.Shame on the Authority.

  • Thank you
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