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CASYM Steel Orchestra “Fantastic Friday” - Cool-Down Version - Basement Yard Recordings 2013

CASYM Steel Orchestra performs “Fantastic Friday” as Basement Recordings captures their performance - as part of the NY Panyard Recording series, one day before the annual New York Panorama steel orchestra competition. The arranger is Duvone Stewart. Their instruments are tuned by Andy Neils. And their captain is Travis Roberts.

CASYM went on to win prestigious title of undisputed 2013 New York Panorama champions.

The Basement yard recordings are made with the purpose of allowing the listener to hear and feel the power of the New York steel orchestras, along with the sonic clarity, musical sophistication and the rhythmic complexity and genius of the all percussive engine room. CASYM Steel Orchestra took the stage at the competition with 100 players.

The recordings were done using Basement’s distinct in-house “box and one” technique.

CASYM is celebrating its 30th year of existence. The franchise is one of the bed-rock institutions of the New York steelpan movement.
click to listen to tempo version http://ning.it/16I2m7x

click for more info http://ning.it/16gBfjI

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Comment by Char Burgess on September 22, 2013 at 4:39pm

I love this version...as it really shows the amazing complexity of the steelband in its true form.  This is why going to the pan yards is so important to true steelband lovers.   I just love listening to this tune this way. Duvone will take the Panorama title in the next few years - mark my words.  Thanks to Basement Yard recordings for doing this.  This is what would make a great DVD to have for years and years.

Comment by Stephen Howard on September 21, 2013 at 8:52am

Watt ah reely like bout dis groovy vershun is yuh kould reely appreciate de arrangement which is usually missed when played @ "Panorama Speed".  Buh de sad ting bout it is dat if deh played it @ dis speed in Panorama, Pan Luvas goh komplane bout how it 2 slow.  LOL.  Sweet mewsik doh.

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