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In my opinion ,the most difficult sub genre of calypso music is political commentary.

The composition has to be intelligent , witty and humorous, without neglecting the basic elements of good calypso , which are good rhyme and great rhythm.

The calypsonian must be informative and topical,expressing a viewpoint without being boring or preachy.
And his music must be real ,sweet , calypso music.

Over the years , the undisputed master of this genre has been teacher/historian/calypsonian Dr. Hollis Liverpool , the Mighty Chalkdust.

One does not have to agree with, or in many cases even understand the politics of his compositions to appreciate the man's genius.

Whenever the calypso art-form is seriously studied , his work should be used as templates as to the structure and delivery of a socio/political commentary calypso.

Here is a great example of Chalkdust at his best.

From 1989, here is a Frankie McIntosh arrangement of "Chauffeur Wanted" ( The Driver cannot drive)

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Comment by Glenda Marvray on January 10, 2015 at 1:39pm

Real Kaiso..always from Chalkie!!

Comment by terry on January 10, 2015 at 12:04pm

In 1989, after hearing this calypso on radio, I immediately bought the cassette - CD & LP was not readily available - for the humorous calypso elements you mentioned. Total Kaiso indeed!!

Is "Chauffeur Wanted" today?

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