Guinness Cavaliers- Lord Melody's "Mas" ( T&T Steelband Panorama winners 1965)

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Guinness Cavaliers Steel Orchestra created steelband history when they became the first "south' band to win the T&T National Steelband Panorama with this Lennox "Bobby" Mohamed arrangement of Lord Melody's "Mas".This abbreviated 45 rpm recording is slower than the panorama performance, but it still has that Cavaliers sound.It is the only recording that I'm aware of.

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  • Thanks, GRJ, for reposting. My vinyl copy was spared

    by the recent hurricanes.

  • I am presently trying to locate a copy of melody mas..this morning and this week..i feel the collectors I know May have it..lets see.

  • GRJ ah just read yer post and get goose pimples for this is an unforgettable experience and having come so early in the history of the Panorama Competition makes it even more GRAND. Thanks.

  • GRJ did you know Shaker from Teenage Symphony and Clarence Matthews , they were both in St. Croix also and Shaker was in the army also. His parents had the Poultry place on Lord and Coffee st where most of the people would buy their chickens and have them plucked. This was Shakers job to do this and we would give him fatigue about it. Blessings.
  • Yes Glenroy , Antleans played at Horace's rest and we went to a house on Todd st to watch it and after our dance when we went up the coffee they were there celebrating.Melvin Tang How was married to my cousin June . She now lives in downtown Manhattan. Look her up when you are in NY sometime . I am sure she be glad to see you. Blessings.
  • Gons, were you with Cavaliers the night they they won that panorama?

    I remember liming late that night on the street corner in Marabella, and the Southern Marines guys came back from Port of Spain and the talk was " Allyuh know what happen? Guinness gone in tong and beat up all dem tong bands"

    BTW, I also knew some of the guys from that band. I knew the Jordans' pretty well, and Lincoln Tang How was one of my best friends, we were roommates in St Croix in the late sixties before I left to join the Army.

  • Terry,

    Thanks. I'll go search

  • Noel: The Lord Melody Calypso was recorded in 1965 on 45rpm: RCA 7- 2172.

    Side A featured Mas'

    Side B featured Birds fly high.

    It will materialize someday....soon I hope.

  • Are you talking about the Melo calypso or the Guinness Cavaliers version?

    I know of the steelband recording, but are you giving us a source for the Melody Calypso?

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