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SFCC Street Naming Ceremony in Honour of Pannist Bobby Mohammed 03,04,2019

Street Naming Ceremony - Bobby Mohammed Mayor SFCC Mon, Apr 1, 4:19 PM - Captured by Hollis Clifton

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Comment by Steve "Carter" K. on April 16, 2019 at 2:16pm

  It's a nice gesture especially as Bobby was there to enjoy the Honour bestowed upon him for he richly deserves all the recognition he's got over the years as his contributions along with his Band were outstanding. I hope that some form of recognition would also be given to Steve Achiba for his contribution along with the bands he arranged for was also very outstanding. Steve's name has also to be etched into the history of San Fernando. It would be nice if a hall of fame be established to recognize those who contributed so much to keep San Fernando in the focal point of TT and by extension the world at large. A Panman wall of fame could be established on Coffee Street in the Panman enclosure so that it would educate about our Panmen/Women who made San Fernando and the South Land recognized in the Pan world.

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