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The Mighty Spoiler - "Picking Sense from Nonsense" (Calypso crown winner - 1955)

Theophilus Phillip , The Mighty Spoiler (March 23rd, 1926 - December 24th 1960) was also the Calypso Monarch in 1955.

Here is the Mighty Spoiler and his 1955 winning selection "Picking Sense from Nonsense"

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Comment by k. Jones on September 14, 2012 at 8:26pm

Wow ...so amazing!!! Recorded the year I was born and still around for me to enjoy it.  Much appreciation to all who made this possible.

Comment by Sonny Blacks on September 14, 2012 at 2:25pm

The Mighty Spoiler was a personal friend of mine in the fifties-He took me to the Victory Calypso tent in St. Vioncent Street as a young man-he used to come and meet me in George Street and I accompanied to him to the many rum shops in Port-of-Spain.

He also performed in many of my Calypso shows throughtout Trinidad,

At his funeral we walked from Simpsons Funeral Home in Park Street to the Cemetary.

In the front line of the cortege was The Mighty Sparrow-Nap Hepburn-Rocky McCollin and Sonny Blacks

The Greatest Calypsonian and the most loved in my time.

Rest in Peace Theopilus Phillip

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