Trinidad All Stars - It's Showtime

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2011 Trinidad Panorama Champions

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  • I love AllStars the music does be so sweet, my pours raise whenever I listen to them, all de best in 2012

  • The Original Champs

  • That  was SHOW TIME at the very best.Who missed it live can glow in this performance.

  • Is this the most viewed video on WST? Over 2300 views!

    All Stars forever!

  • @ Ian 

    Which steelband has made the most from panorama in terms of earnings and what would that figure be?

  • My take is historical. All Stars is #3 in panorama victories (7) and Leon Edwards is #3 in arranging victories (6).

    All Stars was the first Steel Orchestra to win Panorama performing at the number one position (1973), and is now the first Steel Orchestra to accomplish that feat twice. They are also the first to win both the one million dollars and the two million dollars first prize, and have amassing $5,000,000 in panorama earnings in five years. All Stars is also #2 with second place finishes at panorama (8). There are 595 more trivia answers in the book entittled, "400 Questions and Answers on Pan From 1960 to Present"

  • I am sure some of the people talking about chromatics, can't explain what it is or give an example of it. If they did, they would not make many of the comments that were made, because this arrangement is so rich in melodic and motivic development that anyone who understands and can follow the development of a panorama tune would agree with the judges wholeheartedly. Well done Smooth, well done All Stars!
  • Judge (George) from Sando, living in the US for many years (Fayetteville North Carolina), remember I am a Sando Man grew up with the Mighty FONCLAIR they deserve to be in the top 3 between All Stars, Fonclair and Phase II for the finals and the judges make their selection from that trio (poor Judging) more reason to focus on next year and hope Professor comes back again to get us ready to take it all. Job well done by all great performance and great Carnival 2011. I have already started making plans to be there next year. Let me know if I can be of assistance, love to support in any way. 
  • Trinidad Panorama champions 2011:

    Trinidad All Stars: It´s Showtime

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