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Why Can't Steelbands Take The Same Action Against Pan Trinbago?

In a march organized by the People's National Movement in response to the clause 34 controversy; the Queen's Park Savannah was shutdown as the crowd marched ...(See, I told you ALL, that "revolution" is coming to our shores!!!)

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Comment by Pan'tum - The Ghost Who Talks on September 19, 2012 at 11:07am

So, you can brand me all you want, but NO ONE can stop the will of the people! And, Pan Trinbago will continue on its path of irresponsible governance, until WE THE PAN PEOPLE take similar actions, and hold them accountable. I hope you find the leader, that will take you to your own liberation. I am just a messenger, and just like I was right on with our society, in general, you will ALL see, that I am also right on, when it comes to the "steelband movement", which is dormant, but will eventually erupt. THAT IS THE REVOLUTION, I HAVE BEEN REFERRING TO (excuse my grammar). As ALWAYS, 

In Ma'at,


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