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FORTEAU drop ah HIGH COURT ORDER in dey RASTAFARI ... Leh meh hear what GREGORY LINDSAY have to say now

Ah tell allyuh that MEETING was NULL and VOID. And BUGS thought ah was playing for TWO BANDS when ah was just revealing MY CRYSTAL BALL READINGS!!!


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EXCERPT TAKEN FROM:  The Battle for 14-17 park Street, Port of Spain Part VI. The Special Convention. Posted by Russell Providence on May 16, 2018 at 7:13pm in News

"I want to implore delegates of steelbands planning to attend tomorrow's special convention that the date and time:

  1. Is designed to pressure you into making hasty decisions that your band members did not have time to deliberate on.
  2. It was designed to pressure you into doing what Keith Diaz wants, and not what is best for Panmen, as not one of you are prepared to spend all night Thursday night deliberating on the real issues at hand.

I want to encourage delegates of steelbands planning to attend tomorrow's illegal  special convention to boycott this meeting, and reject it's unconstitutionality, as any decisions taken here will again be voided by a court of law."

Read more on: The Battle for 14-17 park Street, Port of Spain Part ...


Note to self.

Forteau and his crew been winning so much that they appealed the victory that gave them these happy faces.The restraining order delivered before yesterday's meeting,that some folks see as another reason to get their Jones,is seen as another hardening agent,by the members who insisted on meeting,and did.

It's always interesting to read all the negatives comments about a group (CIP) whose only sin so far,is that they steadfastly challenged the status quo.

Members of the CIP prophesied that the Executive would take members to court,at the said time they (the Executive) were instructing their agents to come to meetings and encourage members to take the Executive to court.......I personally told Mr Forteau he would go to court,three days before he did.....I must admit, I didn't think he and the other five would call themselves Pantrinbago.....

It's hilarious to read comments from posters who claim to be very politically astute, and/or being First World politically ready, claiming that the CIP is in bed with Mr Diaz.....Nuff said about that.

Anyone attempting to remove 30/40 years of grease and grime,would know that "it's not going to be easy",otherwise that person is a fool. Actively encouraging the benefactors of a clean workspace to assist in the hard work involved and offer possible solutions to prevent/limit a likewise situation in the future.....and then,have some of the very benefactors throw pebbles at you can be distracting,but you forge ahead,because that all you can do.

No one is bother about alleged $800,000.00 payment to one person.

The massive honorariums to Executive members.

The huge loans debts of Executive members.

The constant unconstitutional actions of Mr Forteau and his crew.

" I am a Know it all, let's throw pebbles at CIP" that's the solution.

Please have me excused...I didn't take my Zyprexa this morning,so I am ranting.


Sir, considering that claims for reimbursement of the purchase of Zyprexa may not be valid with insurance plans, and considering the likely cost, may I discreetly suggest "Dat Yuh Take Ah Smoke In Ah Piece An Hard Local Weed" in lieu of your prescription for therapy instead?

BACK TO THE BAD JOHN DAYS -- somebody go kill somebody.


in the 21st century, the age of AI, considering the wealth of talent in the steelband fraternity (a fact I interpret your comments to suggest you may disagree with), it is not inconsiderate to suggest that the likelihood of someone, "Ah Yute", writing an algorithm to embed AI into running the business which is Pan Trinbago exists. An alternative to the return to The Bad Johns Days.

I am disappointed that, considering the level of violence, and the high incidence of gun related murders in our society, that you would have introduced the consideration of violence, where you have not ruled out the possibility of loss of life, as a method for resolving issues.

As one anchor on a popular local radio station always says, "wake up people, this is 2018, not 1958".

THE STAKES are HIGH!!! We are dealing with DESPERATE MEN whose LIVELIHOODS are being threatened and you never know whose children are in WHICH GANG.

So any number COULD PLAY!!!

And by the way, MR. PROVIDENCE, I eh worried 'bout you -- yuh know!!!

What ah really worried about is AQUIL AND GREGORY AND OSWALD and how dey feeling right now that dey dreams of POWER went PHHHOOOOFFFFF!!! Because they doh listen to NOBODY!!!

Claude,I see Aquil is claiming the rights to " This is ah Ole Talk forum".....I know you are the original writer,should you sue him,I am your main witness.

Best headline ever Claude!!...

We heard from GREGORY!!! We heard from OSWALD ALEXANDER (nice passage, Oswald -- I enjoyed it)!!! But we are yet to hear from AQUIL ARRINDELL!!!

But ah have all day, so ah waiting. After helping TRUMP WIN THE LAST ELECTION (well I thought that I had helped until I found out later that is the RUSSIANS who really help) ah was sure ah was getting ah lil end -- but he stiff me just like he stiff everybody else. However, I still consider myself to "being First World politically ready ..."

Politics is ROUGH all over the world!!!


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