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A message from master arranger, musician and composer Pelham Goddard

This is Pelham Goddard on behalf of me and my wife Glenda our condolences to the family of Bertie Marshall.

We are losing all our great ones.

Just think about a person like Bertie Marshall, an innovator, builder all in one, - think about the development gone without the young ones learning any thing about him.

And the young tuners who know not of his technique in tuning harmonics.

All we still blame whatever Government in power - and we have "the world steelband body."  Remember the instrument is more important than panorama and competition.

We will do and do until we have no one to build these instruments.  The rest of the world is making the instruments.

They on the Internet teaching the art; on YouTube and Facebook.

Come Pan Trinbago - Get up from your sleep!


Pelham Goddard

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Pelham, you are so correct. Pan Trinbago is no only SLEEPING, they are slso DAY DREAMING on the WOK !

Pelham, I think we have to wake up the Government too.

Well another great Icon is gone and so the stories goes. Thanks to When Steel Talks for giving us pan lovers information about what's going around in the world of pan, with out you guys we would be in the dark. Try to check out Pan Trinbago's wed site and see what you'll get, it's a shame. I could remember reading the promises made by the last Minister of culture Mr. Peters concerning taking good care of Mr Bertie's needs, was anything even done? someone please tell me.. It's a shame that now many of our great Icons who has reached the ages where time is not on their side, has to leave us in such dehumanizing ways after all they have done for our country. May God receives his soul. R.I.P my friend.

Don Clarke   


Don, I was at the funeral of the late Franklin Ollivierra when the last minister of culture promised to get something done about Bertie's situation. Our Icons, it makes me sad. 

People also just remember Bobby Mohammed as well, He is still in San Fernando. The last I heard that the Faith Center Church helps him out...It is time for our NGO's, Government and special interest persons,one and all.

Remember our Heroes.

Agreed! WAKE UP, Government TOO!

So True.

When former Culture Minister Winston "Gypsy" Peters alluded to taking good care of Bertie Marshall's needs was it a suggestion or was it a dictum? If indeed, it was the latter then what did he through his ministry put in place to have it crystallized? So where does that leave Pan Trinbago?

Pan Diaspora Visionary 

The Government dont care about Pan. They even took the Pan Logo off our National Carrier ''Caribbean Airlines. Pantrinbago is a fraud. They  use Panorama - Pan and the Panmen as their Cash Cow, only old talk and Lots of Corruption. ''What a Shame.''



P.G . . yuh damm rite . . an like Boogsie ask him  . . de President  . . Do Somting fuh Pan  . . De ass get offended  . . an still makin Phase 11 pay ah penalty fuh de Truths dat  Sharpe was spreadin . . Doe blame de Goverment . .  . is 50 years ah Panorama . . almost 50 years of Pan Trinbago . . an to date We still cyah organize ah Show widout beggin sombody . . specially de Govt .  . . Panorana is ah Huge $$ makin show . . Tickets . .Videos Televishun  ..World Wide Web etc . . sombody makin de  $ $ . . Who . . only scissors an small blade men cuttin up de treasury . . dey doe have time tuh study . . 1 / ah pan H.Q. . . 2 / ah Pan Factory . . 3 /  Arkives . . we get dat on U tube an wen steel talks . .etc . . . / yet dey awake fuh Panorama   . .time tuh stop dat till We . .Dey get organized . . an P.G.  Boss U stay strong . . live long an B arong fuh lots more years ahead . . tanks tuh Glenda fuh steadyin yuh ship  . .luv tuh both ah U . .

yes Pelham i fully agree we better wake up and smell d coffee or as stalin say if ah did no ah woulda hold on 2 meh steelband & calypso we cant afford 2 let other ppl take over our musical instrument d goverment & especially d culture minister must take full responsibility 4 whats going on wid all these talented men behind d steelband industry spree simon & all d other early founders must b turning in their grave



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