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The Triennial Convention is constitutionally due every three years on the last Sunday in October – at this convention the election of officers to the Central Executive Committee of Pan Trinbago occurs.

In 2012, due to Court Action, brought by four candidates whose nominations were rejected, these elections did not take place. This matter was finally resolved with the Appeal Court Judgment given on February 23rd 2015 in favour of the claimants. Pan Trinbago lost its Appeal.

The Annual General Meeting / Triennial Convention 2015 will be held on Sunday October 25th at the Festival Ballroom, Ground Floor, Radisson Hotel, Wrightson Road, Port of Spain starting at 10:00am. Registration commences at 8:00am.

Each Steelband is entitled to send two [2] delegates to represent them at this meeting. We would advise that delegates walk with their copies of the constitution.

The Directors, who call their slate “The New Visionaries” are candidates in this election, based on the nominations submitted for the aborted 2012 elections, in the following posts:

President; Beverley Ramsey-Moore -  Petrotrin Katzenjammers - Tobago

Vice President: Douglas Williams -  D’ Original Woodbrook Modernaires

External Relations Officer – Denise L. J. Hernandez -  Massy Trinidad All Stars

Treasurer – Keith J. A. Simpson -  St. James Tripolians

Public Relations Officer – Trevor Cooper -  Caribbean Airlines Invaders

Assistant Secretary – Salisha James -  Uptown Fascinators - Tobago

Trustee – Emond Berkeley -  D’ Original Woodbrook Modernaires

We look forward to your support in this election for the future development of pan.

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Best of luck to the New Visionaries.

''I Wish You All the Luck Guys. Its Better You Try and Fail than Fail to Try!  GOOD LUCK!

There's always STRENGTH in NUMBERS, lets hope its well ATTENDED.

This is a very exciting development, especially for a man like me who SO LOVES politics and on top of that I have always painted KEITH DIAZ  as a MASTER POLITICIAN. Forbes Burnham -- I am sure that one or two people on this forum know who he was -- stated that no INCUMBENT POLITICIAN should ever lose an election in the Caribbean.

That is how I see this election turning out. When I look into my political CRYSTAL BALL there are two things I just cannot see in focus: Reince Priebus ever being a Kingmaker (President Maker) or Beverly Ramsey-Moore ever being President of Pan Trinbago.

So I can empathize with the euphoria that the NEW VISIONARIES are feeling on becoming PERSONA GRATA but the thrill is sure to be short-lived. The Las Vegas Oddsmakers will probably make KEITH DIAZ a 1-5 favorite to win this election.

I say 1-9!!!!

Reply by Beverley Ramsey Moore on December 3, 2013 at 12:08am

It is with a feeling of gratitude that i express a hearty thank you to members of the of the When Steel Talk family for all the comments, suggestions and observations made to team New Visionaries. I want to reassure you that we will never Surrender. As leader of the team i am fully committed to the struggle of taking Pantrinbago by its bootstraps, with members of the team, who have already demonstrated their willingness to put self before financial gain and transform it into a respectable, modern, twenty first century Organization . A Pantrinbago that will not only focus on Competitions and other events but will also concentrate on developing the following: Its Human Capital, the sacred spaces - our Pan yards, Businesses, Marketing and Promotions -locally , regionally and internationally, and other areas which we will be discuss at another time.

Through our eyes of tomorrow we see Pan as a billion dollar industry and with the correct amendment to our constitution, the Visionaries, once given an opportunity to serve will ensure that the pan constituency is no more hewers of wood and drawers of water in a land of plenty. Without a vision the people perish and at present there is an urgent need to rescue the perishing. We have responded to the call. We are doing this for the love of the instrument and in recognition of the the blood, sweat and tears of the pioneers. That is why the members of team New Visionaries denied self and has spent over three hundred thousand dollars of our personal funds to challenge the ugliness that is showing itself in Pantrinbago at present.

Stand and Fight with us.

In my next post you will learn much more and for my brothers who are missing me i will be challenging you to come forward with all your ideas and suggestions for the way forward.

Stand and be Counted.

Anybody who added their name to the list of politicians promising "PAN as a billion dollar industry" is being dishonest with the public.

Go get a printed copy or a video of the presentation made my Michael P. Cooper at the ICP and get a dose of reality.

Good Luck to "The New Visionaries" change is needed.

Pan Deserves More...  Time for a New Vision!!!

Ay~Ay, look like some geTTing 2020 Vision ent??? ;-)

Something just jumped out at me.
What about the position of Secretary?

It was alleged that NVs candidate for secretary was out foxed by the incumbent. There are no challengers to the incumbent

Bertel: If allyuh get out-foxed by the SECRETARY,  the PRESIDENT (in his infinite political wisdom) sure to NAIL the NEW VISIONARIES to THE CROSS on October 25th!!!


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