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All this talk about Economic Diversification and Foreign Exchange and Going to the IMF and we have all the MUSICAL PAN GENIUSES down in Trinidad who should be flooding the WORLD with PAN MUSIC

Ah could never understand that. I always reading about all these MUSICAL GENIUSES down in the MECCA and I am yet to see one of them send out ONE PIECE of PAN MUSIC that could get the WORLD'S ATTENTION.

One man invent ah E-PAN!!! One man invent ah PHI-PAN!!! One man invent ah G-PAN. JJJ invent about 10 kinda PAN. And if you go back in the history book Ellie and Bertie and Charlo and Jules and Tony Williams invent all kinda PAN. And Lord knows how many other names I leave out.

And all the thousands of PAN PLAYERS: Not one man could carry a PAN in the studio and come out with a piece of MUSIC that could touch the hearts of the world and make people buy about 400,000 copies. And you know what I say: with INDIGISOUNDS you don't even need to carry a PAN (or PAN MAN) in the STUDIO to make PAN MUSIC.

The economy needs some help desperately so one ah dem SUPERSTAR GENIUSES should step up to the plate and COMPOSE A HIT!!!

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I agree.We boast that Pan can play anything, we need the right ting to "rock" the world.

This is where WE and especially PANTRINBAGO, have dropped the ball.

WE have spent too much time and money on VANITY, SHOW WINDOW, and SHORT TERM projects and activities rather than on STRATEGIC LONG TERM planning, and implementation of development projects.
One glaring example is the millions of taxpayers dollars that were spent on a 'one and done' international steelpan conference and festival. I am not aware that any one at the time did any serious cost/benefit analysis or asked the question; how could WE invest the money, time and energy for greater long term returns.
Perhaps the BIG FIVE could bring new thinking to the table and begin the process of RE-THINKING, RE-IMAGINNG and RE-STRATEGISING a NATIONAL STRATEGY for PAN:
** The family of instruments. Why isn't T&T the world centre for research and manufacture?
** The music
** The communities - innovators, players, pan lovers. researchers etc.
Or maybe the UTT Carnival Studies and Music departments could initiate the conversations.

Hi Claude and others

I came across this document while trying to tidy up my office, "Pan as a sustainable Industry  A presentation of Pan Trinbago. December 1. 2009"

This was endorse by the Great Leader. 

Anyone interested in the document I can post it to you. Just email me a postal address. My email terry.noel@btinternet.com

T. Noel MBE JP

Leader of Melodians Steel Orchestra UK.


NOTHING NEW under the sun, it's been 13 years since the discussion started...Can the GREAT LEADER deliver???

From WST...http://www.panonthenet.com/news/2009/sept/PanTrinbago-respond-9-16-...

Here's the press release...

Pan Trinbago Responds to its Detractors

Official Press Release

Pan Trinbago seeks to correct bits of misinformation being perpetuated by the public and certain sectors, most of them uninformed and unfair.

The facts are as follows:

Pan Trinbago has in its possession a document entitled “Strategic Plan for Sustainable Development

of Pan” which details the plans and activities of Pan Trinbago whilst treating with Pan Trinbago’s operations and functions. “The Plan” was developed after consultation with stakeholders in the steelband movement – a wide cross-section of interests attended seminars and brainstorming sessions at The Normandie, the NGC Training Room and at meetings of Pan Trinbago’s Steelband Foundation headed by Kirk Ifill.

The document can be viewed on Pan Trinbago website www.pantrinbago.co.tt

Again in September 2004, Pan Trinbago Inc., in keeping with its Constitution, presented instruments of appointments to members of various Standing Committees at the Hilton Trinidad & Conference Centre, Lady Young Road, Morvant, Trinidad. Present were the then-Acting Prime Minister and Minister of Community Development, Culture and Gender Affairs, Senator Joan Yuille-Williams, and Chairman of the National Carnival Commission Mr. Kenneth De Silva.

Like many fledging industries, Pan Trinbago requires strategic planning and a shared vision to achieve the status it desires, as well as transform its image to one of efficiency, transparency and marketability.

In his welcome and address, Patrick Arnold, President, conceded that the time had come for the Organization to take recourse to professional assistance.

With the above goals in mind, Pan Trinbago embarked on an institutional strengthening exercise where individuals with different skills – legal, financial, managerial, marketing, research and event management were invited with some success, to assist the Organization in its effort to “fall in line with acceptable standards”.

Seven (7) Committees were appointed for a period of three years, each comprising members of the business and community sectors.

Arising out of the document, Pan Trinbago Investment Corporation, Trinidad & Tobago Pan Works and Pan Trinbago Co-operative Society have been established to look after the investment and commercial activities of the Organization.

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From the News Desk of Angela Fox
Media Communications - Pan Trinbago



N.B. document was removed from the Pan Trinbago website for unknown reasons after their site upgrade.

Dem fellahs who invent PAN
No big meeting and seminar
Yet dey take the PAN OH SO FAR ...

Pan ain't saying much on the LOCAL stage so don't expect anything Globally

Cecil: Every so often yuh does say in THIRTEEN WORDS what it does take me about TEN THOUSAND WORDS TO SAY.

It have plenty PAN MEN in FOREIGN who hustle PAN FOR A LIVING and meet all kinda people in the process and all dem fellahs swear they is the best in the world and dey does be talking about going back to Trinidad and arranging for PANORAMA BAND because they learn so much about music up here. And none ah dem cyar even make a decent CD while living in cities with the best studios and producers in the world.

So I doh know what to say again!!! Ah hope the BIG 5 CONCERT get well attended on Thursday. The show IS NOT GOING TO BE STREAMED ON THE INTERNET. So if anybody know if any RADIO STATION broadcasting the show they should kindly post it on the forum. I am curious to see how they present the PAN MUSIC and how many people attend.


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