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bugs: You started a GOOD PROJECT. We could compile a list of 20 EXPATS who TOOK PAN TO THE WORLD!!!

So far we have YOUR THREE and ONE from WHEN STEEL TALKS. I am adding SALAH WILSON and Robert Greenidge and Lawford Dupres and Ken Lawrence and Courtney Leiba!!!. Merrytonestothebone added Rudy Smith and Othello Molineaux and Sonny Blacks and Salmon Cupid and Tommy Crichlow and Liam Teague and Dawn batson!!! odw is adding Km Loy Wong!!! Earl Richards added Hugh Borde!!! Stokley Taylor added by Aquil Arrindell!!!

Russell Henderson in the UK

Rudy King in America 

Leonard Turner in Aruba

Dudley Smith in The Bahamas

Salah Wilson in Canada

Rudy Smith in Europe

Othello Molineaux (More Background) in America and Europe

Sonny Blacks   (More Background) in the UK

Robert Greenidge (More Background) in America

Tommy Crichlow (More Background) in Canada

Kim Loy Wong in America

Salmon Cupid in Canada

Liam Teague in America

Dawn Batson in America

Hugh Borde (More Background) in America

Courtney Leiba (More Background) in Australia

Stokley Taylor in Sweden

Lawford Dupres in Canada (To be updated)

Ken Lawrence in America (To be updated)

Brenda Hosang (To be updated)

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Taj Mahal - Salsa de Laventille

Composer/arranger Robert Greenidge

merrytonestothebone: With your permission I want to change the TITLE to "GLOBAL PIONEERS OF STEELDRUM MUSIC".

That way I can throw in some LOCALS who made GLOBAL CONTRIBUTIONS without actually EXPATTING to FOREIGN.

Earl and merrytonestothebone: Suddenly I realize how many TRINIDADIANS actually built this PAN CASTLE in so many FOREIGN LANDS.

Earl: Nobody eh going and FACT CHECK this book -- so if yuh make up a nice story about yourself and you take out some nice pictures ... I will give you a PAGE or TWO in the book.


Nutten wrong with that as the main headline but still prepare two lists...local and expat...

To make it clear: I am sticking with the EXPAT PROJECT (the LOCAL PROJECT is way out of my reach -- somebody in Trinidad could do that)  but I was planning to add LAWFORD DUPRES and maybe one PAN TUNER from Trinidad ... and they are not really EXPATS, but they did contribute greatly on the outside.

This is a work in progress -- so we will sort out the pieces as we go along ... especially any COPYRIGHT ISSUES.

But how come bugs INITIATE the PROJECT and then he doh want to contribute nothing after that. Is you and me doing all the HEAVY LIFTING.

carl borde,boboy borde brother took pan 2 bermuda,gerald forsyth started pan in london schools, zigilee constantine and michaelnatsie bambiescheideralso known as mike contant worked with him.amral khan took pan 2 australia and south east asia wong moon started pan in vancouverboboy borde is hugh blorde

Just for the record, it was Rudolph (Rudy) Commissiong, Captain of Dixie Stars that took part of the band to Bermuda either in late '54 or early '55 as the Esso Steelband. Carl Borde was among them. Kelvin Dove joined later as did my brother Steve in 1960. While there Esso took them to Cuba as the first steelband to visit that country. Before that time, I think it was 1953, Dixie Stars went to Jamaica as the Esso Steel band under Rudy, the first steel band to visit there, and from there to Puerto Rico for a short gig at one of the top Hotels. again the first steelband to reach Puerto Rico. In Vancouver, Wilson Wong Moon started the Moonlighters in 1958 with students from Trinidad attending the University there. I joined them in 1959. But the first steelband to reach actually reach Vancouver was actually Dixie Stars in 1955, who were on a cross country tour of Canada under the sponsorship of Imperial Oil (Esso). 

We ought not to forget Selwyn GOMES, who recently passed, and who played the major role in introducing the steel drum as a musical instrument in Schools within the Toronto area. Or Nicky Inniss who, while not a regular player, pioneered the formation of the Steltones in Toronto during the late 60's. I believe it was the first steelband to function there. The band was captained by PatrickArnold by the time I joined in '69, and was made up mainly from ex Our Boys members from Tobago. I can also mention what might be the first steelband to visit Barbados, subject to correction. This was Tropitones in late '55. Tropitones may also have been the first band to visit Venezuela in the mid 50's. 

Mr. Dupres: I am giving you AS MANY PAGES as YOU WANT in THIS BOOK. I was quite sure that from the little DROPLETS that I have seen you make (in previous conversations) that you are QUITE A FOUNTAIN of PAN HISTORY at a CRITICAL MOMENT.

So please do me (US) a special favour and document as much of your experience as you can!!!

As of now I have you on the LIST as TO BE UPDATED. But in your OWN TIME, please help us to TELL YOUR STORY!!!

Thank you, Sir!!!

Gerald Forsyth started the London England pan in schools prog. He was joined by "Zigilee' Constantine & Michael Natsie  Schneider also called Michael Contant one of the "Bamby" brothers.Amral Khan took pan to Australia and South East Asia. At present "Madman" Jordan's son is teaching pan  and starting bands in Australia.Mini Eyes somewhere in Japan, Carl Borde ,Hugh Borde;s brother took pan to Bermuda in the early fifties, Wong Moon started pan in Vancouver

Thank you, sir!!! If you have any links that you could post on your suggestions -- that would help greatly. The fellah bugs started the project and then he just abandon ship and leave merrytonestothebone and me to carry on.

So your input is greatly appreciated!!!


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