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bugs: You started a GOOD PROJECT. We could compile a list of 20 EXPATS who TOOK PAN TO THE WORLD!!!

So far we have YOUR THREE and ONE from WHEN STEEL TALKS. I am adding SALAH WILSON and Robert Greenidge and Lawford Dupres and Ken Lawrence and Courtney Leiba!!!. Merrytonestothebone added Rudy Smith and Othello Molineaux and Sonny Blacks and Salmon Cupid and Tommy Crichlow and Liam Teague and Dawn batson!!! odw is adding Km Loy Wong!!! Earl Richards added Hugh Borde!!! Stokley Taylor added by Aquil Arrindell!!!

Russell Henderson in the UK

Rudy King in America 

Leonard Turner in Aruba

Dudley Smith in The Bahamas

Salah Wilson in Canada

Rudy Smith in Europe

Othello Molineaux (More Background) in America and Europe

Sonny Blacks   (More Background) in the UK

Robert Greenidge (More Background) in America

Tommy Crichlow (More Background) in Canada

Kim Loy Wong in America

Salmon Cupid in Canada

Liam Teague in America

Dawn Batson in America

Hugh Borde (More Background) in America

Courtney Leiba (More Background) in Australia

Stokley Taylor in Sweden

Lawford Dupres in Canada (To be updated)

Ken Lawrence in America (To be updated)

Brenda Hosang (To be updated)

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Nice work Claude. Merrytones, ODW



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