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The champion steelband panorama arranger is a very special musician.  Who are your favorites?

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There have been great steelband arrangers and their have been great steelband arrangers, but the greatest one to grace our beloved Country is the 'Maestro' Sir Clive Bradley. In every profession or sport, there is always one that stands taller than the rest, as Michael Jordan- Pele- Muhummad Ali, Tiger Woods to name a few. Clive Bradley was cut from the same cloth as these greats. He will be heralded for generations to come, with all due respect to Anthony Williams, Bobby Mohommed, Ray Holman, Jit Samaroo, Boogsie and the rest, ' Clive Bradley was simply the best.
personally, i believe that Trinidad has really been blessed with talent from the arrangers that we hear. it's amazing that someone can have ideas running through their head year after year. i am also a big fan of clive bradley but i wont place a 1st place on any one arranger. what i would like to do however is highlight a few of the young arrangers who will soon be unstoppable (and some have already started their roll)
*kareem brown & avis bruce(west side symphony - finalist in medium category panorama 2k10, uni stars steel orchestra - finalist in single pan category)

*carlon harewood (trinidad east side, potential symphony)

*amrit samaroo (past arranger for renegades, melodians)

*jason ''bolo'' peters (morvant ebonites)

*vanessa headley (golden hands)

*nigel diaz (all aces, facinators)

no disrespect to the arrangers gone before but the youths are slowly taking over and pan is definately in safe hands.

All great names and geniuses in their own right. One cannot pick one as the best but I (as a Bradley fan) have to say the Smooth was always underrated. his records speak for itself but moreso ears came to attention when All Stars Tenors rang out. Sweet

The only man with 9 Panorama wins the most by any one Arranger has to be at the TOP of the list for the records would indicate this . Dr. Jit "Thanks For The Music" . AND Please do not leave out Mr. Boogsie for he is right up there and always SHARPE . Thanks .

I agree with you Steve, while this is about Panorama with all due respect to Dr Jit, Boogsie is overall the true genius among them…apart from being Panorama champion arrangers Smooth, Jit, Bradley, Ray, Bobby and Anthony have all created Panorama classics that world last through the ages but none of them have taken on challenges like Boogsie, as an arranger, composer and performer.

Skiffle Bunch performance of his classical piece ‘In The Rain Forest’ http://youtu.be/OG-aiCJQ-ks is another example of why he’s called the Mozart of Pan.

Correct me if I’m wrong Boogsie is a champion arranger in the classics and calypso with his own compositions, he’s in a class by himself, this to me is what greatness is about and he's certainly a favorite of mine.  

when it comes to arranging Smooth, Jit and Bradley are the best,not in any particular order

Yes WST, thanks for this great info, saying again, Great Great Talent. aka Trini Buggs.


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