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Condolences to the family and friends of Asami Nagakiya -- Silver Stars Panist

When Steel Talks extends our sincere condolences to the family and friends of Asami Nagakiya.

by Ron Tiah

Ron Tiah's photo.

Ron Tiah to Asami Nagakiya

For Asami :
She was a special young lady, a dedicated pannist who played not only for our Panorama, but year round in her home country of Japan. Asami devoted her life to music, and she chose our national instrument, the steel pan as her first choice of instruments.

She was one of my favorite players at the Silver Stars Panyard, amongst many. I am deeply saddened at the news that the body of the masquerader found at the Savannah, was that of Asami's; she was in love with our music, the steelbands, our people, our culture, and this kept her coming back year after year.

Those of us who knew her will surely remember her warm and friendly, even playful smile which she wore most of the time !! She always had a polite greeting for everyone she came into contact with, she was a gentle musical soul who played each note with love and passion, for our music.

Some of us that would be at the panyard nightly enjoying the sweet sounds of steel, will know of her dedication, she was there every evening from early and left only at the end of practice. She always had a smile for my camera, and one of my fondest memories of her will always be two years ago when she ran over to me singing 'Ron you were on Japanese TV with Ayako Imoto, you are a star' .... She laughed, we hugged and she went back into the band to practice !!

We the people of Trinidad and Tobago have lost a very special friend, and musician from Japan. I am deeply saddened at this loss and pray that her soul finds eternal rest, I know her spirit will always be at our Panorama events and we shall remember you fondly Asami, may you rest in peace.


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Thank you WST. Asami was very close to our family, our band and to many others here in Trinidad. We are distraught over her death especially in the manner that she lost her life. We especially feel it for her family and friends in Japan who may now be receiving the news of her death and we extend our deepest condolences to them. 

She was truly a beautiful person with an infectious smile, may her soul rest in peace, saw her in her costume on Monday night as she passed my operations, I had come to know her over the past 4 years or so at the pan yard.

She will be miss RIP 

My Heart Goes out to All those who Knew Her. She Seems that She was a Great Soul. If Its Fowl play I hope Justice is Served. A Black Eye for the People off Sweet T&T whenever a Visitor Dies. May She R.I.P. A Pan Lover and Player. 

That is so sad and senseless,how Miss Asami  life was taken,I do hope that who ever took her life will be caught by the authority and brought to justice.

May Miss Asami rest in peace.

I am feeling deeply sad by the death of Asami as though I knew her. It is ironic that over relatively long periods pannists work closely in groups and then to have her, a foreigner, found dead alone.  May the relevant authorities shed light on the circumstances of her passing to bring closure and justice. Condolences to her family,  friends and other Pannists.

Thank you WST. You are always on top of anything that affects the national instrument.

From her smile, she seems like a radiant soul. May she rest in peace. My condolences go out to her family and friends both in TT and Japan.

Panist Asamai Nagakiya performing

She Had A Trini Soul. Who ever Did This  Should Be Shot. An Eye For an Eye. Some People Just Make Our Sweet Country Look  Bad. Rest In Peace Dearest Asamai. You Will Be Missed.  Life On Earth is So Tough.

What a talented young woman who lost her life in the worst way ever.  May she rest in peace.

PCS Nitrogen Silver Stars Steel Orchestra

We are truly heartbroken to have lost a member of our PCS Nitrogen Silver Stars family, one of our bright stars, and a loving friend. Asami Nagakiya was a truly beautiful, and gentle soul. We had the pleasure of Asami joining our steel band family in 2012, she fell in love with us and we loved her in return. She was warm, friendly, and always greeted you with her signature broad smile and a hug. Everyone loved Asami and there is not one person that has anything negative to say about her.

Asami was one of our most dedicated players, she would practice diligently from early in the afternoon and remained at practice until it ended in order to perfect the tune. Her talent and hard work made her the excellent tenor player that she was. Asami would also be remembered for her generosity with craft and jewellery making and the Japanese treats that she always brought back for everyone when she returned to Trinidad.

Asami had a special relationship with each and every person in the band. We always anticipated her arrival for every carnival season and just before you know it that bright smile entered the pan yard. There are so many great memories over the years that we will cherish. We love and miss you Asami, it will never be the same without you.

We would like to extend our condolences to the family and friends of Asami Nagakiya in Japan, Trinidad & Tobago and the rest of the world.

We will be having prayers in our Pan Yard tonight at 7pm and invite everyone to come celebrate the life of Asami Nagakiya.

We are truly heartbroken to have lost a member of our PCS Nitrogen Silver Stars family, one of our bright stars, and a...

Posted by PCS Nitrogen Silver Stars Steel Orchestra on Thursday, February 11, 2016

We Trinidad panist have lost a sister we dearly loved, condolence to her family, friends and country.

We a truly sorry, and ashamed, please forgive us.


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