Check out the comments on the article left by the people gentrifying the traditional NY Pan neighborhoods.


 Reilly outside of a Despers rehearsal on Saturday night. New York, USA - Two Crown Heights venues where locals practice and prepare for J'Ouvert and other West Indian American Day Carnival activities say they are being unfairly targeted and surveilled by a neighbor who regularly calls in 311 complaints and takes photos and video of them with her iPad.

The woman, 63-year-old Crown Heights resident Kathleen Reilly, told Gothamist that she is on a mission to curtail rehearsals for Despers USA, a steel orchestra that rents the lot on the corner of Classon Avenue and Pacific Street in preparation for Saturday's annual steelpan championship outside the Brooklyn Museum. Reilly has also called in numerous noise complaints to Pacific Gardens, an outdoor venue at 1067 Pacific Street, across from the Despers practice lot. The seasonal Trinidadian venue has been open for three summers and is home-base for Pagwah Mas, one of the largest mas (short for "masquerade") bands in J'ouvert.

Reilly, who lives two blocks from Despers and Pacific Gardens on Bergen Street, and has lived in Crown Heights for eight years, also frequently surveils Berg'n, a food hall and event space on her street near Franklin Avenue.

"It sounds like the same song," she said in a recent phone interview, referring to the Despers rehearsals. "It's extremely loud, and it's not what I want to sit in my house and listen to."
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  • Then take your Tired Discriminating Body somewhere else, you Gentrify our Neighborhood and then have the nerve to Complain, you should have stayed in the Bushes where you belong!

  • If this woman know how important this event is to New York she would behave herself. As far back as 1990 when I was in NY when Dinkins was mayor it was said that the carnival brought in $50 million dollars in revenue to the city. I don't know if anyone remembers the riots in that same Crown Heights area, when a Jew bounced two little AfroAmerican children. During the riots the Jews were asking for the Parade to be stopped and Dinkins replied that they don't contribute anything to the city but the carnival did so it won't be stopped. That was around 1990 could you imagine how much more this event brings to N Y since it has grown so much more since then.

  • White People pushing out Black People in New York and Mexicans pushing out White People and Black People in California!!!

    And if ah go back to Trinidad ah sure to GET KILL!!!

    Ah beg Cecil to help me come to CANADA and he blank me.

    I in more trouble than all dem PAN MEN!!!

    • Stand your ground, Claude.
    • Aye Claude... they have a hole in the fence in Montreal near the US border that the illegal Haitians using to come in to Canada.   just saying.

    • Aye Claude U R A trouble maker you can't get pass the border, you might show-up on the terrorist list. You have to stay with yuh boi Trump.

  • No one wants to be disturbed by any music they do not understand. However, the areas where steelpan music has been playing since 1972 are in specific areas that reflects the hue of the areas. Today, the hue of the some areas are changing.

    I understand that Despers USA steel orchestra was given permission to rehearse up to a specific time. As long as Despers USA obeys the laws of their new country, our new neighbours with a lighter shade of pale has to try and compromise.


  • Arrested? Good for her. You go girl. Put de woman on a bass.
This reply was deleted.