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Daryl C. Joseph - Psychologist and Lifelong Panist for Trinidad All Stars - speaks on Pan & Panorama 2012

Daryl C. Joseph - MA, CEAP, Psychologist and Panist - speaks on Pan & Panorama 2012

Global - In an exclusive interview with When Steel Talks - psychologist and lifelong panist for Trinidad All Stars - Daryl C. Joseph - shares his overall views on Pan, Panorama and more...


“The sound of the Pan comes from the soul of our people. As such, it is a spiritual instrument, and that is why it is able to touch people in the way that it does. Few instruments can do that. It is more than a love affair. Pan is Trinbago, and Trinbago is Pan.” ...Daryl Joseph

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Well said!!!!

I have said it maybe once before and woud repeat the  same once more,,HE  WHO   FEELS  IT   KNOWS   IT  ALL.,,,

Darryl Awesome interview. Thanks for tracing the history and culture of Tdad All Stars. However, more importantly I appreciated that you highlighted the fact the underrated treatment "Smooth Man"has been dealt by the media, the song writers and stake holders of our national instrument . As recent as this year there is a pan tune by Dee Diamond " where he acknowledges a number of past and present arrangers but never mentions Smooth in his song. It must be a focus of the entire All Stars family to come together and ensure Smooth's and Terry's (yes Terry ) musical talents are known by all in the music industry. Smooth has paid his dues over and over and over again Curry,Doh back back, Jump for Joy , Rain Coming Down, Thunder Coming, Heat, Soca Warriors !!! nedd I say more . Thanks Darryl


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