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Revisited - Desperadoes’ Great New York Triumph - The Good, the Bad, the Ugly

Global - The year is 1987 and pan is about to begin its meteoric rise. One of the (critical) events that catapulted this ascension is the now-historic Desperadoes Steel Orchestra tour of New York which included performance stints at Carnegie Hall, Harlem’s famed Apollo Theater and the Brooklyn Academy of Music, to name a few.

What is not known is the massive undertaking and delicate ‘background’ goings on/negotiations that would be required to successfully pull this off, or - to make it happen at all.

Fortunately we are still privy to these ‘historic footnotes’ through the journalistic undertakings of Leslie Slater and Dalton Narine - then in charge of the “Pan” publication where the story was originally published.

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I always thank Almighty God for this great gift that he has given our people of sweet T&T. I hope that our beloved father in heaven would continue to bless us with this wonderful instrument and talent that He has given to our people. We are happy to share this gift with the world at large. Time and time again Despers has made us all proud of their of their musical ability. I hope that they would continue to be great ambassadors and spread our culture through out the world. Give thanks!!
Great article.
Yes great article, I second that. Great history about Desperadoes to know.

Does anybody remember Donald Trump asking for and being given an opportunity to wave his hands up and down for a few minutes as 'guest conductor of Despers at Carnegie Hall?


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