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As a Trinidadian, I am officially, on behalf of all Trinis, disowning Dr Conrad Murray. Like the Mighty Sparrow, he was born in Grenada and raised in Trinidad.

Since the Grenadians like to claim Sparrow, they can have that quack Dr Conrad Murray also.
(And BTW, I have nothing against Grenadians, since my father was one)

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People who live in glass houses should not throw stones ..........it was a poor error + decision  + unethical on Dr. Murray's choice to give in to administer the deadly  drug to MJ , thus resulting in the death of MJ. This has nothing to do with being Grenadian , Trini , Jamaican, Guyanese etc.  so if you are without sin then cast the first stone.   Peace !!!!!




Jeez, yuh can't even take a lil joke!


Besides yuh can't defend the indefensible! He was supposed to be a doctor, not a drug dealer!


(That's why I mentioned my dad, for people like you, without humor. Did I say that he was a proud Grenadian?)

joke is joke! but damn joke ain't no joke! serious ting!

Glenroy speak for yourself ,I am Trini to the bone and i am not going to disowning   Dr. C  Murray or  

  Dr .Slinger Francisco they did many good things for T. N. T.

What have you done?           Thank you.Mr G.

Please, as a Trinidadian do not include me with this stupid
comment. If Dr. Murray had won his case you would have been owning him as a
Trini! Before you and other people like you pass judgment, you need to look at
the whole picture. You have no idea what the situation really was why Dr. Murray
got caught up in this. Look at who he was caught up with! In this world that we
live in, some people will forget ethics for MONEY. Michael Jackson was a person
with lots of problems and he had the money to buy someone to accommodate his
habit. Dr. Murray apparently needed the money, so he sold his soul to the devil
(MJ, and his money ($150,000/month). If it were not Dr. Murray, MJ would have
hired some other doctor to put him to sleep unethically! Very sad though, that
Dr. Murray got caught up in something like this. He did not mean to kill MJ. It
is just a very unfortunate thing that happened.

excellent points - my thoughts exactly - the world is yet to know the true story but like the saying go - de dead cyah talk!

Based on the case he was found guilty - had it been presented as 'MJ de druggie' there would have been a different outcome who knows - had to have a scapegoat and it happened to be Dr. Murray - MJ was a sick person - N.B. I did not say - man - nuff said!


Wow! That was pretty harsh, wasn't it? What's happened to "Judge not lest you be judged ...?" Dr. Murray was convicted of involuntary manslaughter and will serve what ever sentence the court imposes. He will most certainly lose his medical license.But do we now adopt a policy of "disowning" every Trinidadian that is guilty of any crime anywhere in the world? Or, is it because Dr. Murray was found guilty of contributing to the death of the most famous iconic pop figure in the world? Are you embarassed because the world knows he is a Trinidadian? I'm much more embarassed by the murder rate in Trinidad or by the rank incompetence of its elected officials. But that's just me.
That joke was in poor taste but I will not disown you for it. If Dr. Murray had done something worthy of praise we would have been boasting about him being a Trini.  He was found guilty and he will suffer the consequences of his actions.  
Greed knows no color or ethnicity.
In the end, a mother lost her son and three kids lost their father. Nothing is changing that.
Then my Grenadian half said to my Trini half, "is alright, we Grenadians like to share.You keep Murray, We keep Sparrow"

It is so easy to kick someone when he is already down!

It is not illegal for a doctor to make house calls.

It is not illegal, but it is unusual, for a doctor to administer this drug away from the hospital.

It was an error to leave him unattended, which he admitted, so he was rightly found guilty on that technicality.

We can only hope that the sentencing will be as lenient as possible since he did not act in malice.

So far, he has not received ethical treatment in terms of admitting evidence or after the verdict.

Michael Jackson was a very talented genius AND a drug addict who was sued in the past by a pharmacy over a $100K unpaid bill.

Have we followed the media like sheep instead of focusing on the law or logic? Do we have to wait until Lindsy Lohan drives drunk and kill somebody before we sentence her to a full month in jail?


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