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As a Trinidadian, I am officially, on behalf of all Trinis, disowning Dr Conrad Murray. Like the Mighty Sparrow, he was born in Grenada and raised in Trinidad.

Since the Grenadians like to claim Sparrow, they can have that quack Dr Conrad Murray also.
(And BTW, I have nothing against Grenadians, since my father was one)

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Thanks for offering a breath of fresh air....the spirit lives in we Pan thanks to Phase 11.


All ah we is one family, he grew up as a real Trini, so he is a Trini he was trained properly, he made some changes along the way, his mother taught him to do right, I never knew him to be an unethical person guess people change,

i watched the interview on television in New York, and I have revised my opinion of Dr Murray, I believe he made many mistakes, the biggest was to succumb  to the temptation of Michael's money.  There is lot more  to this story, we have

heard about  Michael's  severe addiction to prescription medication as well as propropol. He constantly sought the drugs

from doctors.   I believe that Dr Murray was a sympathetic doctor who empathized with Michael and  understood his sadness. He became too close to his patient and blurred the lines between  his professional and personal relationship.  I would not give him up as this does not make  a difference. There are people  who could care less what country he comes from, the people who are fans of Michael would choose to believe that he is a monster, and the people who hated him would think Dr Murray  was an avenging angel who aided a troubled soul to end his misery. .    




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