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I'm at a loss for words, first of all am I right in saying, there have never been a panorama finals without Despers????...

Aside from all that, the issue is, was Despers performance substandard? the answer is NOOOO!!!!!

Andre, brought a whole new concept and freshness to the pot with his arrangement of Profit of Pan, but I believe it was a little to high for some people to grasp, this was no jam,jam,jam,jam and a whole lot of runs that didn't make sense or fool dem with a lotta noise, like I said in my pan song "Underdog raise de game in de Panorama"  Despers tried too, but alas the judges won't listening.

The Radoes could hold their heads up high and know they did set a standard on sunday night in de panorama maybe next year they might listen. one love.... 

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I'm shocked, not because it's Despers, but because I listened to their performance and I thought it was a very good one. Now people may understand why I prefer to listen to steelbands perform, not compete.


Remember how long it took Ray Holman to reach a Panorama final with his own composition? The status quo is not easily moved, my brother.


Ray Holman reached the panorama final with his own composition in his very first attempt in 1972 with Pan On The Move, placing first in the North and third in the national finals.

We must not have heard the same thing.  I was disappointed (as a Despers fan) to hear a poor imitation of Clive Bradley arrangements played in a selection that was a tribute to Boogsie (without even any hallmark Boogsie arrangements).  I know we all have our prejudices, but let's not let them cloud our objectivity.  Hard luck for Andre, who is a very talented arranger, but maybe this wasn't a fit.  At any rate, the players didn't even seem too enthused.  Better luck next time.

I don't understand this remark of a poor imitation of Clive Bradley, do any of us really know Andre White style of playing well enough to make that determination that he is copying Bradley?  On the other hand you are saying the song was a tribute to Boogsie and he did not have any hallmark Boogsie in his arrangement, what would of been the cry then if he did use Boogsie style? Would the talk then be he was trying to hard to copy Boogsie and he should not? The fact of the matter is can anyone without any reservations say that Despers played worse than some of the band that got selected? That is the question many who heard Despers and who are fans of other steel bands are openly saying that is not so, to me that says a whole lot about the judges.

Which band were you listening to or saw... Because i cannot remember the last time i saw despers so moved. With a rhythm section that was finally powerful once more, and phrases that the band actually executed compared to the last 2-3 years...  Watch the video please then comment again..

I did last night.  watch despers playing action and compare it to adlib playing prophet.

Well, I don't know what to say. I really don't. I heard nine of the 16 large bands. You meant to say that Despers sounded so bad that they didn't deserve a place in the finals according to them judges? Didn't sound like that to me. Yes, I didn't hear all 16 bands but . . . Hm. Don't know what to say.

Judging is always a SUBJECTIVE  thing. Judges DONT LIKE anything new or different. They cling to what they know. Over the years I have seen my share of judging errors starting with Dixilanders  over Invaders in 59 I think. Even now if you play the 2 bands recordings you could see the error of the Judges ways. It has continued throughout the years.  Big up Desperadoes you could hold your head high in the Pantheon of steelband.  Paddy Corea Despers NY

These are the people that listen to that chaos performed every year by All Stars and say that is music. I am not a Despers fan, but a fan of barrel. To put out Despers and tie All Stars for 1st place bewilders me. They are not judges but executioners intent on destroying steel bands.

Well said my brother.

The first half of their arrangement was good but then they seemed to have lost their way. Does this mean they deserve to be left out? No way. Hold your head up Despers, this is a new begining, definitely not the end.


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