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Going forward what do we want from the New Visionaries?

Assuming that the New Visionaries will takeover the leadership of Pan Trinbago shortly - what do we want?

I want a professionally made Panorama video of the highest order that will turn a profit. This DVD should be able to sweep all technical and creative awards worldwide. To accomplish this the New Visionaires will have show an ability to raise funding, interact with real professionals, an ability to market globally, an ability to increase sales, think outside the box, an ability to attract new people and widen the fan base, an ability to identify talent, a respect for the Trinidad and Tobago Pan product and an ability to balance the books. Not to mention putting on a live show that is prime time ready.

What do you want?

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But with the WORLD POPULATION at 7.3 Billion -- if we cannot get 300,000 people WORLDWIDE to LIKE and BUY the music then the music is (FILL IN THE BLANK)!!!!

If the New Visionaries gets into Power, One of the first thing that they have to do is To Change the Judging Criteria of the Panorama. [2] Rotate the Judging System Annually they Cant be Having the Same Judges every Year [3] Bring Back Pan In the 21st Century and Pan Down Memory Lane,[4] And as Bugs have been Saying for the Longest time. Change the People who does the Footage for the Panorama Videos their Product is Very Bad. [5] Set up a Fund for Our Old Pan Pioneers who are in need of Help. [6]  Be Very Transparent Something that Pantrinbago has never Been.  ''Good Luck Folks. We All hope You Will Win.



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