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Revisiting - Herman Johnston - The Johnston Fantastic Symphony Steel Orchestra - Steelband History

Global - He is one of the central figures in the history of the steelpan instrument and art form. He was a legendary performer, musician, innovator and leader in the Golden age of Pan. In addition, he is a founding member of the champion North Stars Steel Orchestra of Trinidad and Tobago, BWIA Sun Jets / West Side Symphony, and the Johnston Fantastic Symphony Steel Orchestra of North America.

In a relatively short time, he experienced extraordinary success within the steelpan art form. When Steel Talks (WST) spotlights Herman Johnston as we revisit his 1985 interview with academic, journalist, historian, and cultural and music standout Doris Green.
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yes I playe the echophone with the band that year, was a great year we played white indian,

Thanks Ronald for the info

Rock, Bede, Mac and the rest of the West Side guys were known for their neat Afros back in the day, not one hair was outta place, they looked good.

not a strand was out of place,

thanks cecil,

Herman spoke of not mixing pan with conventional instruments, I am in agreement with him because we are not only promoting a "pan tone" but the sound of the steelband. 


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