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Ignorance Experience with Leeandro Noray.
performing on a high C bore Tenor pan
made by birch Kelmen recently tuned by Augustus peters.

Please share this great guys Story and great Pan playing Skills 
Sweet like Sugar

As people in the Pan world will know Birch Kelmen as an inventor in Pan is one of the God fathers of Pan making and tuning but also Augustus Peters a young guy with great skills as a tuner check out his pans top quality workmanship. ship out worldwide

We Really need to support guys like Leeanandro because he is not just sitting back and waiting for some big band to win panorama but crafting out his own path, as Young man.

Shouting out to people who Love pan and want to see it grow and not fade out with the elder generations. Please share Leeandro Experience , so that we can help him get the exposure he deserves to pursue his Journey in Pan. 
For more info please visit 

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