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MAS MAN - A Dalton Narine Film in Review
Documentary about Trinidad & Tobago Carnival Artist Peter Minshall

Global - The production “Mas Man” is one that should be introduced and featured at film festivals worldwide.

It chronicles Peter Minshall, a man whose works and creativity have been the visions which entranced international audiences over the years, including at the 48th annual Miss Universe pageant, and when more than eighty percent of the world’s population was encamped around their television sets for the full opening ceremonies of no less than three Olympics (1992 Barcelona, 1996 Atlanta and 2002 Salt Lake City).

....Pan man, steelpan historian and film director Dalton Narine has done a masterful job. He is a man with the confidence, depth of knowledge, and vastness of experiences to adequately pull this production off.

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You can purchase either or both DVDs on the Web site, which is run by an Amazon.com company.

Web site address: www.masmanthemovie.com

Thanks for your support.

Dalton Narine
This is a major accomplishment definitely worthy of the six years work and four loans that it took to make. I know all to well what it is like to plan, depend on folks who let you down, yet persist; to face obstacles and find ways around them in order to finish a dream. When the product is finished, words can't explain the joy you feel because you know it will bless the hearts of many and you know that your work will out-live you, showing people things that should never be forgotten.

Congratulations and thank you for not giving up...I can't wait to receive my copy in the next few weeks!
Much appreciation, GospelPan. Thanks for finishing the thread. You're on the money about legacy. I doubt Minsh made a lot of money doing the mas. Seriously. The Olympics, yes, but not the mas, I think.

Also, be advised there are two versions of Mas Man. The Festival Cut (reddish/brownish DVD cover) is more introspective and analytical, the mas as backdrop (85 min.) This was a work in progress, but we entered it anyway in the T&T Int'l Film Festival in October and picked up Best Documentary prize.
The other DVD (salmon-colored cover) is the Redux version (or Director's Cut (58 min), which is all about Minshall and the mas, and includes a bonus feature, Rat Race, narrated by Paul Keens Douglas while the band was on stage (15 min.)

So there's a raging debate on which is better. We, however, have submitted the Redux (we refer to it as the final cut because there'll be no more versions of Mas Man) at film festivals around the globe, and have received eight offers for screenings in less than two weeks.

Thank you, Brother.

Great work Mr. Narine. How long did it take you to put this together?
Thanks for the kind words, Bugs.

The film took us 6 years from initial talks and a contract with Minshall to wrapping the final cut. The first two years wore out my shoe leather. Still, nobody was interested enough to help finance the project. Not the ministries, nor the corporate sector, nor Big Oil.

Now, I've got four hefty bank loans to satisfy.

I chalk up the work to passion. Just like the many years I spent in the panyard (or Garret). Passion. So, both experiences have added to the gifts of wonderful moments in my life. Like a crowd-pleasing Jouvert Bomb. Like Minsh's butterflies in the Rock Garden in the early morning. Like the upcoming screenings in London, Wales, Ireland, South Africa, Thailand, Australia and major cities in the States.

Can't really complain


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