New York Steel Band Pioneers to be Honored!

New York Steel Band Pioneers to be Honored!
Posthumous tribute to two well-known names

New York, USA - Some veterans of the New York steel band scene who, back in the 1950s and 60s, laid the foundation for the steel band movement that now exists in the city, will be honored at a gala tribute organized by the Trinidad & Tobago Folk Arts Institute at Brooklyn’s Tropical Paradise Ballroom, Sunday evening, May 20. In addition to eight individuals, each having a decades-long association with steel band activity in the city, who were selected for this special recognition, the institute will pay posthumous tribute to two well-known names in the evolution of New York’s steel band culture, Rudy King and Conrad Mauge.
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  • Hello I was fortunate to enjoy being one of the band members. We  paraded in Harlem in 1958 on what was called West Indian day parade. Carl Derra Carablo, Break nose Carl( Deceased) , Carlos Lezama, Horace Butcher . I was also a member of Conrad Mauge band, Rudy King was the other band. Most of these guys have passed on. Previously I was a member of Dixieland Steel band in Belmont  1955, 1956.  I presently live in Plano, Texas, We pracited at Rudy Estwick's basement I believe on Hancock street, Brooklyn.  We helped to Pioneer Labor Day on Eastern Parkway

                                                                                                          Sincerely Charles Assevero,  , I remember the late Joe Dog and his brother Makie

  • Any body remebered when BWIA Sunjets practiced at 584 Osborn Street, Brooklyn NY? Dr. Lance Seunarine

  • More history! First of all. who was monte williams? Yes joe dog played drums but I never saw him play pan. I too played

    with Rudy. I was the first american born player to play pan in this country. I joined Rudy's band in 1950 and played tenor

    with him until 1953 when I left to join the marine Corps along with mauge. I was replaced on tenor by a chap name junior

    benjamin. When I played with rudy i can only remember two other players that was a part of the band and they were,

    Clyde Critchlow and Clyde Holder we use to practise in Mount Morris park or in Rudy's apartment. Flash! I just spoke to

    Jessie and he tells me that monte williams lived in T'dad and that is were joe dog played pan, not in america. My self being

    born in Harlem would not no that. My parents were Trinidadians. May the Lord bless all pan people.

  •  Greetings: So what about Horace Morancie? Dr. Lance Seunarine

  • Dont forget the late Michael (mikey) Enoch  (Despers USA).  An Ellie Mannette trained pan builder and player with extra ordinary pan builders skil.  paddy corea

  • what about jesse lampkin he was in harlem allstars with pops before joining BWIA sunjets he did a lot as a member of bwia sunjets at that time it only had three steel bands sun jets rudy king kimloy then jesse along with ming frank lampkin joe dog etc they build stand with wood .peace one love psif i can re call  1963 or 64 have a bless day

    • Joe dog was a clown/ prankster lol. He never played pan but was a lot of fun to be around with. Tahzann/Curly

      • let me give you some history  joe dog played with monte williams he was also a drummer he also played with rudy king  kirt nurse was rud king secound pan play he is one pan player that played his secound oppsite side around

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