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Exodus Steel Orchestra on the Road - carnival 2015

In 2014 my composition was entitled "Pan Is Carnival" performed by Republic Bank Exodus.

The results at the panorama did not work for us; we came fifth. But All Stars won the Band of the year so it work for them.

This year, I prove where Pan is Carnival [the concept] - with All Stars repeating.

I want to say to Pan people: time to return to 'The Road' in a big way for carnival, when steel bands was playing mas of all types - not only sailor, especially where the cost of [regular] costumes is reaching the 6 to 8 thousand TT dollars.

I think pan people could attract the the people with the same music they want to jump to with even amplification and a cheaper price. Then steel band could win band of the year every year, with good costumes that carries the theme of the band.

Congrats to Massy All Stars - Pan Is Carnival

From Pelham Goddard, Exodus arranger

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Pelham. I will also like to See Steel bands Playing Mas on the Road again as how it used to be in Our time. I believe their Biggest Obstacle are those Very Large Trucks with the Heavy Boxes the Drowns out the Pans. I have witnessed Renegades on Queens Park East and A Large Mas Band on Upper Frederick Street, that caused Renegades to Stop playing because they were Drowned out By the Heavy - Loud Sounds Emanating from the Trucks. Its Quite Different now. Technology has Taken over.

i agree with you both, bring pan back on the road,

Pan in its glory days were literally on the road. Having pan on trucks somehow kill the spirit. Pan music and truck/tractor noise combination is not the best mixture in the world. I don't think I can enjoy mas, playing with or looking at, in this kind of band. Get the pans off the trucks and on the road again. We are in 2015 and moving onwards, so  find some creative  UWI or secondary school students to develop a way of moving the pans smoothly on the road without much human muscle.

patrick, I agree with you, pan on a float killing to steelband.

the same big trucks could be used for amplified pans,that will make a big difference to the sound.No more drowning out.

I believe if this is seriously considered and persued it will materialised steel band first have to get on the airwaves in a different way eg. Robbie Tobit etc. .get the youths to not want to switch on ash wed. do some simple pan releases .and take from there. No only to be played on pan programming.playing all kind of music come out the Box a little.. I know it can work. It can happen here first...... It will happen out side in the near future..watch.

My wife and I were reading the post, she gave a very good suggestion,(I don't know if it was suggested before) which was for Carnival Monday (which would include J'Ouvert) : Pan only on the road and Tuesday the other mas groups can come out only. What do you'll think.

I like it Keith but the general population would never go for it. What you might quicker see happen is the Savannah for Pan and the Socadrome for Bikini Mas.


KeithI once suggested Carnival Tuesday and people wanted to know if I was crazy. This is why I suggested Tuesday, steelbands would get at least 30% of the people that played with a DJ on Monday, plus on Monday pan people would be tired after J'Ouvert. What makes T&T carnival different to all other carnivals? THE SREELBAND. T&T owe the steelband

A good friend once told me that T&T doh owe Pan nuttin. It is because of the Pan boycott in '79' that left mas players in the air the reason the Trini masquerader aint taking the Steelbands seriously today. Wah all yuh tink about dat? 

Route all the Boom Boom speakers, Beads and Feathers to the Socadrome.

Erect bleachers around the savannah. Route all bands in a circular manner to feed into and exit the 'savannah circle'.

Perhaps erect four stages as judging points - North, South, East and West (of the Savannah).

Entrance free to all.

Stress on families to attend.

Since I'm not in favour of parking in the Savannah, that's a problem I have no clue as to how to solve.

And/or each steel band will have, in addition to live music,  DJ equipment playing pan music (preferably from the current year) from all bands.

AL Nunes, I feel if there is a special route for steelband and another for Beads and Feathers the majority of spectators would go by the Beads and Feathers this is why I think we should have a day for steelband alone.


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