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Pan Trinbago: EXODUS cannot change tune ... but Ainsworth Mo­hammed said the band will be tak­ing Pan Trin­ba­go to court to chal­lenge its de­ci­sion.

Trinidad Guardian Feb 20, 2019

Four-time Panora­ma cham­pi­ons Re­pub­lic Bank Ex­o­dus Steel Or­ches­tra will not be able to change its tune of choice for the Panora­ma fi­nal ac­cord­ing to a unan­i­mous de­ci­sion of Pan Trin­ba­go.

How­ev­er, Ex­o­dus’ man­ag­er Ainsworth Mo­hammed said the band will be tak­ing Pan Trin­ba­go to court to chal­lenge its de­ci­sion.

Speak­ing to Guardian Me­dia, Mo­hammed con­firmed that the band was ver­bal­ly in­formed of Pan Trin­ba­go’s de­ci­sion and has al­ready start­ed draft­ing le­gal doc­u­ments to chal­lenge it.

“We are go­ing to court over this. We are tak­ing them to court,” Mo­hammed said.

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BEVERLEY: Yuh know you and me DOH GO DOWN. But wake up TOMORROW and let EXODUS play whatever song they WANT TO PLAY. And MOVE ON!!!

That is the BEST ADVICE anybody could give you!!!

Beverly should be more concerned about finding money at the end of the competition to pay pan players since there will be a loss of millions on the North Park. She asked for sense to prevail then let Exodus play whatever they want and the rules could be certified for next year.

There has been no major controvacy this year, suddenly Pantrinbago seems to want to create one. I can't remember the years, but Desperadoes and Harmonites changed tunes. A precedence has been set, so they better change their minds, they might have to pay cost, once the matter is take before the courts.

Surprise! Surprise! Surprise! PanTrinbago cannot change their "tune" midstream either. They are not a law unto themselves. This discussion should have been set for March 7th, 2019. We have been branded a lawless society . See why?

The judges take a decision on what they are hearing at the point and time. Not what thay want to hear, or what they have heard before. At every stage of the competition the bands start with a clean sheet. What is wrong with a band changing its tune? Are the judges coming with preconceived notions? 

Short and Simple. What is their problem?

Michael Joseph… I don’t know what country Panorama you are talking about. There is no clean sheet start in a panorama. Bands are given a judge’s critique at the end of the prelims. Bands rectify that in the semifinals where they are critiqued again. This is why the same judges are used from Prelims to Finals. There was a time when 7 judges were used and that was after controversy between Desperadoes and Renegades when we had a few judges favoring a particular band and awarding them extraordinary high marks. We have seen that in the prelims when one judge awarded much higher marks than the other 3 judges. With 7 judges you can eliminate the highest and lowest score and keep 5, that offers a lesser chance of a tie between bands. Even number judges are always a bad idea. I guess it is a cost saving effect.

Panorama finals is a NEW competition. Has nutten to do with what happened last week, last month, in de yard, outa de yard. Each band plays ONE song and iz dat.

I predict that EXODUS will win their case.

#1 - I am not aware that there is not rule that a band cannot change a tune
#2- There is precedent that this had been done before "Solo Harmionites"
#3- The term tune or song is open to interpretation. A band can play an entirely new arrangement (8 -9 minutes)
of the tune that they played for preliminaries or semifinals. Is this considered a new or different tune or song?

You don't have to be a ROCKET LAWYER to figure this out.

Rocket Lawyer, thas funny!

What Pantrinbago has actually said was, there are no stipulations or provisions in the rules that prohibit you (Exodus Steel Orch.)  from changing your song for the finals, however you can't because WE SAY SO!, sounds familiar hint (Donald Trump). The label they are creating for themselves is one of a dictator. This is a monumental mistake the administrations has committed. If they know Ainsworth Mohammad at all (and they should) they would know he will not make a decision about something like this unless he was absolutely  sure he had solid grounds to stand on, also he would not accept this and just walk away, he would do exactly what he is doing, "taking them to court".

They (Pantrinbago) are setting themselves up for a court fight one which they will loose. that is well illustrated in some of the comments posted and the fact that they don't have legal standing for their decision.

Pantrinbago be smart and be big, reverse your decision, you will in the eyes of every Pan lover, follower and supporter, all over this world look better.

Thank you in advance.

Hope she listens to YOU -- Mr. Keith Marcelle!!!


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