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Experience Panorama Finals 2010 featuring Medium and Large Bands. Feel the rhythm and enjoy the arrangements of musical maestros from the ultimate 20th century invention of the steelpan.

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Royce, I am in Atlanta GA how long it takes for the DVD to reach me.
How is the audio? Last year it was awful and in mono. Do we have stereo audio this year? Is the audio clean?
Your answer really doesn't address my question. The audio has been awful the last few years. Isn't Advance Dynamics the same company that produced the DVD last year? Are you suggesting that if I want to hear proper audio I need to buy the CD?

My copy was authentic. I don't think you can call a monaural audio track on a DVD in the year 2009 awesome audio.
Let me add my 2 cents. Last year some of the shots were in 16x9 aspect ratio, but some wer shot in 4/3 which made the look inconsistent. The audio while clear is really always in mono. Considering the awesome high definition, 5.1 dolby surround recordings I make with my little camcorder, I really cannot say the Advance Dynamics stuff is really advanced at all. They get away because most steelband music collectors do not know what to look for.
I purchased the DVD and found the audio to be of high quality, I have a 5.1 surround sound system hooked up to my DVD and TV and the sound reproduction is great I can tell you I get the full Panorama experience with my Home Theater System and the audio this year is much better that the previous years. I believe Advance Dynamics sound edting leaves more to be desired because I purchased their other Carnival DVDs and they have mastered the sound much better they received international awards for their products. Its all in your personal taste.
odw you can be sure this dvd was not encoded in a 5.1 format.
DJ - you are so right. Advanced Dynamics feels the steelpan community will accept any quality. Their last few DVDs have been 'abusive' to the instrument and to anyone who knows what Panorama looks like, in my opinion. The production was lousy and amateurish. The choice of shots were insulting and the transitions were inept. If I had to turn this in as my project in school, I would have gotten a failing grade, especially with today's technology. There seem to be absolutely zero preparation for shooting this show. Again an insult.

Sadly it is common knowledge that it is only a segment of the Trinidad population that actually likes or cares about pan. Unfortunately, the camera people seem to fall into that category. But most importantly, their dont-care attitude shows (something like people who still believe that steelpans sound and look like garbage cans), and this is replacing whatever professionalism and pride that the advanced Dynamic people should have in their job, that should make the production as important to them as any of their other work. And to note at the end of it all, the ceo or president, whoever owns advanced dynamics, does not give a damn, he does not see the panorama production as damaging his 'brand.' It's almost as if the panorama gig does not exist, because all his or her company's other flashy productions, is their portfolio.

I will use the old guard (camera people) at the country's first television station, TTT. When their camera people did panorama, they still put their best foot forward - it was just another job, but it reflected them as professionals at the time. The same cannot be said for Advanced dynamics and their end product for Panorama. And we have technology now that was not avaialble years ago. there is no excuse.

Also, to Royce Russell - I believe that Pan Trinbago should give you more support in terms of marketing and advertising. It is incredible that given the interest in panorama that you would only sell a total of 40 DVDs. And thousands of people attended the event? You're not serious. And what about all those others who were not actuallly there, but would have wanted a copy?

Yes, advanced dynamics is an 'award winning' company. But you should find out from Advanced dynamics exactly what they submitted to win that award. I'll bet you they did not submit their panorama dvd production for that award.
Well said Jojo, I agree with you 100% !!! Nothing more needs to be said.
Hey, AD are you saying that CNMG's taking control of the broadcasting rights exclusively created this problem? Why did you team up with a company you knew would compromise your product? Your story sounds real weak. Are you saying that after five years Advanced Dynamics has still not worked it out?

Is Pan Trinbago's fault? Is it CNMG's fault? Is it the the National Carnival Commission's fault? Or is it just AD's fault for not having the professionalism to do the job properly?
I agree that the audio may not be of the highest quality,but name one company in tnt that has a high standard of video production,Advance Dynamics is one of the best if not the best in TNT .Please do a complete research before making comments you have no knowledge of.There will be a 5.1 surround releasing shortly.
The sound quality on the DVD is still poor. I have no idea what was going on with the sound during Katzenjammers performance on the medium band DVD. It sounds as if it was recorded through a plastic tube with a motorcycle passing nearby - and I bought a legitimate copy from the duty free shop in Piarco.

Oh and yet again Pan Trinbago and Advanced Dynamics do a disservice to the pan community by only producing a DVD showcasing Large and Medium bands. What about the small and single pan bands. The music there is on par and even better than the repetitive tripe that you get every year from the large bands - how many times can we get Woman On The Bass/Curry Tabanca from N&M All Stars? It's as if Pan Trinbago is somehow devaluing the time and efforts of the small/single pan bands.


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