Experience Panorama Finals 2010 featuring Medium and Large Bands. Feel the rhythm and enjoy the arrangements of musical maestros from the ultimate 20th century invention of the steelpan.

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  • Advance Dynamic please go away for 2011 Carnival. 



    • Sorry for taking this long to reply, but let me please take an about face and defend advance dynamics. They exchanged my mono copy of the DVD for the 5.1. version and it is AWESOME. Technology constraints are the fault of the provider and not advance dynamics. They simply do not have full control over the production. Last year, the audio was theirs bu the video from the TV channel. Please do not throw the baby out with the bath water
  • Just got my DVDs after waiting quite some time because of problems with the customs. The videos are great but the sound is poor - mono and no clarity in it.
  • So I bought a crappy panorama DVD (video and music out of time, poor labeling of bands and category) and they release a new one what hell do. I bought as soon as it came out i was very excited. Does any one a number for these ppls i want a refund and i making noise ( alyuh done no pan man ha no behavior)
    • how is the new one?
      • Great question Noah. I haven't heard a thing. Advance Dynamics has gone mute and Pan Trinbago never made a public statement.

        When did the new one come out?
        • Christopher - Advanced Dynamics came on to this forum and told us that anyone who wants to, can get with them directly to exchange the 'rush' version of the DVD for the better one when it comes out - their contact info is on the DVD box.

          HOWEVER - since that time, nobody has heard anything more from them about when, exactly, the new better-quality DVD will be ready.

          i contacted Rhyners (where i bought mine) last week, and THEY contacted Advanced Dyn. - who told Rhyners the same thing - that consumers should contact Advanced Dyn. individually to exchange for the new DVD.

          but Advanced has not returned here to let any of us know when a higher-quality DVD will actually be ready so we can make our exchanges. at this point i think they are full of shyte and that no "new" version is actually being produced, and they were just talkin a big buncha lyrics to us, since we were all pretty pissed off that we paid modern digital prices for crappy 1960's mono sound when we all bought the DVD's that were sold right after caranival.

          personally, i've had it with this. this was the last DVD i buy from this company. whether or not they "received any money" to produce the product has no relevance to anything. it is not the point. They are a business and there is a cost of DOING business - the responsibility is theirs to provide or source the capital outlay necessary to produce the product (not wait til govt or p-tbago GIVES them money, then use that as an excuse for poor quality). the capital outlay then gets recouped when they make sales.

          If they can't manage to understand this basic concept of doing business, and then use it as an excuse for their low quality product, then i don't need to buy their product again. i'll just have to keep the music in my head.
          • Oh ye of little faith, of course there is a better version on its way.

            Probably sitting on someone's Apple Mac awaiting re-rendering and the expertise of a sound engineer to complete the process, but who cares?
            Carnival is over, so why bother!!

            In the old days I would have blamed some expat who, having gained the knowledge did not return home to make things better. But we all know that when an expat returns he /she is treated like a leper and always looked upon with suspicion. "Who are you to tell us what to do?"

            So don't hold your breath. Just remember, until attitudes change, some products will always be substandard. Don't get me wrong, we Trinbagonians have alot of talent we just need the humility to accept we don't know it all.
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