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Panorama 2010 - Large Band Finals - Video Performance

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Thanks for the broadcast it's much appreciated.
Thanks. I should have paid you instead if CNTN.
Hey Pan Times...many many thanks for this....highly appreciated. Absolutely brilliant.

What happened to Invaders sound though? It was very low compared to the others, but i suppose that is how the technicians on the night recorded it. I was disappointed with Phase II as i thought the tune in its own right was poor as well as the very simple, almost nursery-rhyme type of arrangement that Boogsie put down. Magic Drum was far better, and I thought he was losing the plot then....All Stars was OK, nothing to write home about.

What about the medium bands..? Please do the same with the medium bands...to me, the medium bands finals does be more exciting than the large bands, which is largely predictable in both arrangements and style.

All in all, a very good show. Roll on 2011
da best da best
Brilliant work by all the bands in the finals
is there any chance that we can also get the performances of the medium bands??? that would be very much appreciated!!!!
better quality video this time!
Thanks so much WST, I appreciate the viewing since I was unable to see the live performance. What about the medium bands though? I'm very interested in seeing their performance as well. Many thanks to you.
Thanks for sending this.

On behalf of many who would love to be there hats off in humility to the great writers performers, parents, Pan Trinbago and so many other supporters.

We from The Gratitude Steel Band are most grateful for all the hard work, consistent effort, and faith that you show to
help all our effort move pan forward all over the world!

Blessings and Peace to all
The Gratitude Steel Band
Magnificent!!!!!!!!! Congrats to PCS Silver Stars You guys are really Stars. Well excecuted, marvelous, keep up the great work again congrats for winning panorama 2k10 !!!!!!!!!!!!
i dont know what rbtt redemtion sound setters played to beat this band
invaders one of the best bands in trinidad and tobago that never won a panorama will love to see them win one in the near future hats off to you


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