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Well this year they send ah stream jumbie fuh we.


What a Load of CRAP. Anyone would think the way these Radio Stations are having trouble broadcasting, panorama was some spontaneous lime that only just happened by accident. Not something that happens every year at carnival. No one it seems to have had the foresight to book more broadband server time to cope with the demand.

WACK's Stream is playing in staccato.

i95 stream is the same with the added left channel only and it seems this was the choice of WST to link we up wid dis S---t

What a shambles!

I suppose I should not really be surprised. Both WACK and i95 share the same incompetent streaming company.

Don't ask about Radio Trinbago (bunch of jokers, JUMPTV turned out to be).

I think the only way anyone (EXPAT Trinbagonians) will ever get close to the action will be to visit Trinidad in person.

The Expat is just not being catered for. If this is considered the best we can do as a nation then developed nation status is decades away.

Why don't they just face facts? These days everything costs and is no good trying to do it on the cheap.

I would not mind a paid subscription service if it meant an un-interrupted one with high quality sound reproduction.


Or Am I in a minority of one?

Comeback  W V D I  all’s forgiven.


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Unfortunately, I had to discontinue listening to the panorama broadcast, since the feed was intermittent and lacked continuity, making it difficult to listen to.

I'm not sure if the broadcasters are to blame since it may be a bandwidth problem. It is possible that the "pipeline"from T&T cannot handle the surge in traffic caused by these types of events.

If that is the case, these types of problems will continue until the bandwidth is increased ; and the quality of the audio and video stream will depend on location and demand.

Hi Randi,


Thanks for the email, we are looking into the problems and it seems to be the increasingly high volume of viewers that are watching the wack live event streams and causing the server to overload – We are reviewing the situation with a view if increasing the amount of servers to balance the load...  We’ve acknowledged the problem and will be resolving asap... Sorry for any inconvenience .






The above was their reply when I raised this last Saturday

So nothing was done between then and now.


Ah well!

Why should I be surprised




From: Randi [mailto:randisc49@hotmail.com]
Sent: 13 February 2011 12:59
To: kaus@kausmediagroup.com
Subject: RE WACK Internet Stream


Dear Sirs,


I’m hoping that there is someone in your organization who has the responsibility for ensuring your WACK Radio Stream is in good working order.

I have been trying to listen since 13:00 hrs GMT (09:00 Trinidad time) and the stream has been off for the best part of time.

I have to constantly reload my browser and even then it lasts for about 2 or 3 minutes at best.


Please can you ensure that someone is tasked to resume this service.


Thank you

This is painful! Sound is coming through, but it's skipping and jumping. I too would be glad to pay something if it meant good, consistent sound. So frustrating. I'm trying to be polite here, but Randisc is not alone. This was a foreseeable, preventable problem.



If Wack could show American programs uninterrupted,  then why can't we get a good Panorama stream?. Sometimes I wish that I was not a Trini with all this love for the nation, but I am, and it really hurts to see that the people who are in the position to really push our culture, seem to want to be something else, either American or Jamacian. What a shame. When will we learn to appreciate what we have and be proud to stand and say," I'm a Trinbagonian, and who vex, vex".

Unfortunately, this speaks of a larger disappointment.  Last year we (at least I was) watching Panorama semis this time last year online through C Tv.  But as Randisc say, "we get ah stream jumbie", not only audio but video. 


This year C didn't even bother.  Not even a late broadcast.  The radio stations that are broadcasting having all kinds of issues, the most reliable I've gotten is power 102, but in the middle of the bands arrangements, they play their advertisements!  Ah well...

I listened to the Panorama on 91.1 uninterrupted until after band #13 Silver Stars. For some unknown reason the transmission was interrupted. I am now listening on 102 FM.
I've been listening to it on Power102fm and for the most part the stream has been very stable with very little interruption, however, my beef more has to do with a lack of video feeds... I went on Power102fm expecting a video feed only to find a view  of their studio with their studio guy watching d panorama on a small tv while we listen to their radio feed.. Anyways, suffice to say I complained on their facebook page only to be told they did not pay for the rights to broadcast video and essentially ah should just hush meh mouth, relax and listen to d free entertainment.. Well I promptly replied that our country needs to come out ah dis damn stone age..I doh have a problem paying for a proper video feed.  THIS IS OUR NATIONAL INSTRUMENT. and everyone back home seems to take dis ting fuh granted.. They go wait till some foreigner come down, buy up all d rights and start to charge and all d money going outside... ... DIS IS 2011.. we have to come better dan dat... OH GOSH MAN..

I have been listening to vibes 105 but you have to join jump tv the audio was very good one love steelman

we in tobago are at a disadvantage we can't see jack shit bcuz c isn't bringing it and we dont have ncc here i am so disappointed
With great gratitude, much thanks to culture krazy WACK and WST. Keep the Pan Hope Alive.

Last year, CNG got sole rights to broadcast the Carnival presentations....waste of time...poor service...lots of the same complaints - frozen images and skipping audio.  That was because so many of us love our culture and want to keep abreast of what is happening.  Apparently, the powers that be, do not have a clue, there are thousands of Trinis LIVING ALL OVER THE WORLD, and at Carnival time, if we cannot get back home, we want to keep up with what is going on and crave every and any image we can see of the festivities. 

How on earth could they think that one or two sites that normally get a few hundred hits, could support the sudden surge of thousands, during the Carnival season?  Imept comes to mind, but I'm going there right now.  Our internationally known festival needs professional help.  NCCTT can tell you when Carnival will be till 2020, so what!!   Why can't they get fully prepared to share the event globally, in a reliable, professional way.  Increase the bandwith first, then a paid subscription may help.  I want to see Panorama finals and Dimanche Gras without all the drama, PLEASE.


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