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The topic of paying to view Panorama live, overseas via internet or cable, was covered in previous years. I think the time has come to re-open the discussion. Monies generated could help paying the bands and panmen. People pay through their nose to watch boxing and other activities from other countries, why can't others to pay to enjoy our culture. This also gives the panmen skin in the game by encouraging them to help marketing the product. They all have families abroad.

Many years ago I paid to view Panorama live, while sitting at my home in New York. The picture and audio was excellent. All of a sudden, that went away and back came the old, low quality transmission. Cannot remember the politics involved with that decision. I was not happy with the change, but as a friend said to me, it's free. Like Gypsy said, we have to move away from this culture of giving things away for free and I agree. I know he was talking about local activities but I am sure those of us who live abroad would gladly pay to view live performances of Panorama. This gimme free culture has deeper consequences for our country, but this is not the time nor place to discuss. If we want our traditions to survive, and remain as ours, the time has come for us all to contribute.

In no other country, would they give this away, NONE.  We have something they want and I believe they will pay a for it.  Monies generated could be used to help pay those dedicated individuals who spend long nights during the season to have us argue about who was the best. Sponsors would pay to have their names associated with the broadcast, to lower costs. This could be a start of something big. Let's go Trini.

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Nobody in foreign ever complain about paying to watch panorama, so I doh wey all that freeness talk come from, however the outside market doh look as big as some expect. WACK was free in 2018 and less than 2000 people watched.

Do you think it was marketed properly?

How many people do you think looked at the FREE PANORAMA BROADCAST in 2018?

"We have something they want and I believe they will pay a for it."

We have something that EXPATS WANT!!! Anybody who tries to package and sell PANORAMA will LOSE MONEY!!!

I never saw the numbers posted before but I still think it would be worth looking into. Very easy to put aside. We all have to work together to put solutions on the table. 

I think it's a great idea, but you trinis need training to do this with quality, and cannot happen for 2019. Typical issues, no connection, no volume, broadcasting start long after show started, interruptions, feed not live but 10 minutes after etc. If you need advice, hire professionally trained Americans or Europeans to manage this task.

This is what I am hoping for, conversation to make things happen. Everything you mentioned is real and need to be looked into. Thanks for the comments. 

Expats will pay for any stream there is, now the question is if they spend the money to have a quality stream is there the market to make a profit?

I think I paid around $50 US some years ago. If we could get more information from that broadcast group, it would help with a starting point. People will pay for quality. We know the music is the finest out there, let's work on making the broadcast the same.

I agree with G Ford, people will pay for quality, I will pay for quality. 

We have never had a problem paying for our live stream of shows, fetes or whatever. I for one have alwas paid to view whatever livestreams are available. There always seems to be a problem as to why an event cannot be streamed, and i dont believe its due to a lack of paying viewers. I for one would welcome the chance to purchase a “Carnival package” as was done a few years ago.

Abena: Do you think that there is enough GLOBAL DEMAND for the PANORAMA PRODUCT?

There is nothing wrong in show casing Panorama or even carnival band parades. There is something wrong in the marketing strategies. The first process of Internet marketing is creating a brand product professionally. Streaming cannot really be professionally done using the Internet. The Internet is not exactly professional TV substance. Even Netflix and others like them don't use Streaming.videos. The shows are all pre-recorded, filmed professionally and then licensed professionally to Distributors who can then solicit Subscriptions like Netflix. The way for NCC and Pan Trinbago to go is to hire professional film companies who can give one hour videos of Panorama and Carnival parades including the children's parades which is very beautiful and in terms of costuming is far better than the now adult bands. These should be filmed by licensed companies all over T&T not only in Port of Spain. They can then package these 1 hour films as a series packaging so that like Netflix does, one can pay for a yearly subscription which allows them to view these series films taken by different photographers. NCC and PT then become the partner owners of the film set videos in one hour series. One can view and re-view the films during the year and also view past years as well. One can also pay for the film sets out right. Streaming? no. Subscriptions per year yes and also outright sales as well. Now that's the kind of income that can develop over time and eventually it can cross over to main stream viewing audiences across the globe. That's billions of dollars. Stories can also be written surrounding the carnival experiences and Panorama experiences even in the pan yards I remember Danny Glover walking in Phase II pan yard with a face of "WONDER". one year he visited T&T in carnival season. All he said was "Simply Amazing" "Didn't know this existed". So its a marketing problem. Not a technological problem. It can be done but it must produce a professional re-play product. One can't just view it once. .


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