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ANDRE BAG00 Tuesday, Trinidad Newsday

TICKETS for Grand Stand seats at this Saturday’s Panorama finals have gone up from $750 to $800. The increase, Pan Trinbago president Keith Diaz said yesterday, is to allow the national pan organisation to meet its annual year-round expenditure of about $8 million.

“The price has changed a little,” Diaz told Newsday. “We have to take care of our expenses. We don’t get a subvention from Government, outside of the support provided for Panorama. The money which we get from the State goes to all of the bands.

We have expenses for Panorama, including the prizes, appearance fees, transport costs.

There are about 177 bands involved in Panorama.

It is the largest cultural event in the Caribbean and 90 per cent of the funds are paid to the steelbands.” Diaz said while there has been much discussion this year over the state of pan, the fact is economic conditions have played a role in lower than normal attendance levels. “Many people making stories left, right and centre,” he said. “The Brian Lara fete was cancelled? Why? There is a recession in the country.

People are not able to purchase tickets as before.” In relation to the Panorama semi-finals and the Pan on the Greens, he said, “the crowd is a little less than years gone by because of what the country faces.” The Pan Trinbago president said the organisation has offices in north, east, central Trinidad and at Tobago, in addition to its headquarters. “The public must understand that we have expenses to meet,” he said. “We have to make some changes,and that is why we made some changes this year.” Tickets for the Grand Stand special reserve are $800. Grand Stand general, east, west, central tickets are $500. Grand Stand east and west are $400.

North Stand tickets cost $450, which covers “local delicacies and Angostura products”.

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$400-$800 for a seat to listen & to see what? No wonder the place always half empty.

No presentation, no professionalism & little entertainment.

“local delicacies and Angostura products”. 


 Dey mean two doubles an ah glass ah rum an cokes!!!  Plenty ice!!!

I love pan and I will pay the money. Have you ever consider how much it takes to put a band together just for this occasion or the sacrifice the panman/woman
Makes to reach a final. Every thing is not dollars and cents,is the feeling you get when you leave that place. That is priceless

 The prices seemed a bit exhorbitant, but I GUARANTEE IF SOME FOREIGN ARTISTE COMES TO PERFORM IN TNT, THOSE TICKET PRICES WOULD NOT BE A PROBELM. In fact, the cost may be more per ticket. We are always talking about the need for PanTrinbago to be  self-sufficient [Albeit that they have issues internally]. There are no steelband competitions  [of note] after Panorama. [One and Done!] If I am there, I will purchase a ticket-'' IN SUPPORT OF THE GREATEST STEEL ORCHESTRAS IN THE WORLD''.

VOLUME, VOLUME,VOLUME  Mr. Diaz.   Its Economics.  You lower the price in these times and there are more participants.     I remember when not so long ago the entry price for the Grand Stand for PAN finals was $40.00.

I taught there was a Pan Trinbago office in the South on Coffee St at least a couple years ago. I am not in Trinidad so will someone clarify this for me because they need an office in the South so that patrons could buy tickets . The Brian Lara fete was way too overrated and the organizers finally came to their senses because charging over $1200 was ridiculous. There is a show off mentality in Trinidad and we all know Trinidadians believe in partying hard and not putting aside for tomorrow. The Panorama Finals is patronized by mostly older folks similar to the Calypso Monarch Semis in Skinner Park, San Fernando . The problem here is 85% off pan players today are youth . Pan Trinbago have to find ways to sway the youth to patronize the Finals even if it means keeping the Greens for final night .

The Greens dead.  Folks say they not coming back to the greens. 


If Pan Trinbago cut out the VIP section in the Grand Stand where their people get in FREE and eat and drink all night they could save some good dollars.

Cecil: What good is POWER without PERKS? Now that this NEW MINISTER cut up me and Diaz FUNDING what allyuh expect we to do but RAISE PRICES?

Looks like they did not make enough profit from the Greens so they decided to pimp those going to Panorama.

Don't worry Claude you remember somebody said Diaz coming to New York to run the show.



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