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Sesame Flyers Steel Orchestra Pan Yard Vandalized!

New York, USA - The Brooklyn, New York Pan Yard of Sesame Flyers Steel Orchestra was broken into during the very early morning hours of Thursday August 19, 2010 and vandalized. The perpetrators left the yard in disarray and completely destroyed the electrical fittings and extensions put in place to facilitate lighting for the band’s nightly rehearsals.


Band leader Keith Marcelle (and also President of USSA [United States Steelband Association]) told When Steel Talks (WST) that the acts bore the markings of deeds done “with complete malice.”

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sounds like a posse from trinidad got loose up there
hang in there
dont give up the ship
Why trini? I've never heard of it and i live here. I actually know of a band in St. Ann's that house all their intruments under a tent and no-one has ever interfered with them. It's such a shame what happened to Sesame Flyers. Why would someone do that? I condone the behave of these people. Competition or not....come on. Music is supposed to bring us all together.

From the management of Desperadoes Steel Orchestra, we hope that Sesame Flyers could rise above this situation and still try to have a good showing for the NY Panorama.
You ARE joking?...right?....please say so ...if not you owe all us Trinis an apology...

Evan's castigation of Trinidadians and his generalization is disappointing, and inappropriate. Assuming he is an adult, he is doing a disservice to the trinidad pan players. Incredible. Sadly, misguided people like him are also part of the pan community.
Hello Evan,
You are a true member of the Pan Fraternity. I tried skyping you.
just be strong my brother wish you and the Band all the best
I know what you all are going through, but be strong and may god be with the band for Panorama 2k
STRANGE! Who would have done that? Were any of the Instruments damaged? I said 'strange' because I have never heard of this sort of acts in TRINIDAD and TOBAGO. Maybe I am naive and don't want to know if something like that was ever done in T & T. in recent times (20 Years or so) Of course we are more concerned about 'pipers' breaking in and stealing Instruments to get a 'fix' but not vandalizing. Be careful! someone or some people don't want the Band to practice. You got some enemies. Please investigate and find the people responsible and have them persecuted.

Good Luck my Brother!
There are suspicions on couple people.Why would the vandals cut the wire to only thief food and shirts. If they only know now they are basically advertising for the band and doing us a favor.
Panorama is right around the corner. THIS IS A SHAME! However, to be forewarned is to be forearmed. Please protect your
very expensive assets. Malicious indeed.
It's a real shame that human beings can behave that way; has anyone considered the possibility that it may have been done by none-pan people? I hope the instruments were safely locked away, otherwise it will be a big blow for the young people in particular.

Be encouraged, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

I hope the other bands rally around and provide help where needed to get things going again. This is where unity and love comes in, at times like this.

It's very sad to hear that this sort of malicious destruction has happened in the pan world. What's worse is to read a comment by a "loco" that it was done by "a posse from trinidad"! I can't imagine a panman doing that to another steelband. Stay strong let this incident strengthen your resolve.


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